Updated: December 11, 2018
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Albatross In Golden Gai: One Of The Must-See Bars Of Tokyo!


A popular bar in the Golden Gai district of Kabukicho is Albatross. Its claim to fame is its warm artsy decor complete with huge chandeliers. A must-go place for a chill night in Shinjuku.

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Bar Albatross In Golden Gai: An Iconic Bar In An Iconic District

Albatros has become one of the hippest drinking holes in Tokyo. And understandably so. The famous bar established in 1997 is super quaint and doubles as an art gallery.

It has three locations in Tokyo: its Koenji branch, its Omoide Yokocho, and its Golden Gai branch. The latter two are both in Shinjuku, and the most well-known of all is the Golden Gai one that will be introduced in this article.
Golden Gai is a district of back alleys in Kabukicho that is one of the best-preserved agglomerations of Showa-Era style small bars and eateries. Albatross, Golden Gai Location, is nestled up in this extremely interesting, rich-in-history part of Shinjuku. You have got to visit Golden Gai if you haven't already! And if you do, Albatross is definitely one of the coolest places to go.
You can get to Albatross from either the Shinjuku Sanchome station (6 mintues), Nishi Shinjuku station (7 minutes), Shinjuku station (7 minutes), or the Seibu Shinjuku station (7 minutes). Golden Gai is located on the eastern side of Kabukicho. It is made up of 6 alleys, Albatros is on the 5th. You'll recognize the place by a white sign white sign that is written in English.

The Chandelier And The Atmosphere

The bar's signature chandeliers with their warm glow create the best atmosphere imaginable to spend a relaxing evening in good company. The bar is also an art gallery of sorts. Artists can rent spaces on the wall to display their works, so while you drink, you can enjoy the art too.
With its 28 seats on two floors (16 counter seats and 12 table seats) Albatross is pretty big by Golden Gai standards. To get in, there is a ¥500 charge. This is standard for the district.
There is a wide variety of alcohols to have, from Japanese sake to shochu, wines, and cocktails. If you're not sure what to have, just try to explain what your tastes are to the bartender and he'll make a cocktail based on your preferences.
The drinks at Albatross are from ¥600 to ¥1,500, and you can get some o-tsumami (snacks you have with drinks) such as crackers and wiener sausages, kaki-no tane, chocolates, etc.


Above all, Albatross in Golden Gai has an impossibly cozy, fun atmosphere and the staff is friendly too! Make sure to add it to your bar hopping list if you are exploring Shinjuku.
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