Updated: March 25, 2020
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11 Charming Cafes You Must Visit In Nakano

Nakano is mostly famous because of Nakano Broadway (i.e. Otaku's heaven). There you can find a multitude of otaku goods, from vintage to rare. Nakano is also a nice place for students to hang out since there are nice parks and cafes and it has a laid-back atmosphere compared to some posh areas of Tokyo.

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Good Morning Cafe

Close to Nakano station, Good Morning Cafe serves every meal from breakfast to dinner.
It's very nice to sit on the terrace on a sunny day. We suggest the salad and the chiffon cake!
A lunch set is about ¥1,000 and dinner is around ¥1,000 for one dish; a cake set is ¥900.

Bar Zingaro

This cafe is tucked away in Nakano Broadway, surrounded by interesting and bizarre shops catering mostly for otakus. But this welcoming cafe doubles as an exhibition hall is a collaboration between artist Takashi Murakami and Fuglen (a small coffeeshop chain from Oslo). Hence the great and flavourful coffee and the beautiful art!

J.S. Pancake Cafe

It is a very nice place to come to on the weekend, as they serve different kinds of tasty pancakes and it's right next to the park. Also, they have a nice self-serve salad bar and savoury dishes too.
Perfect for a Sunday brunch with a date or friends.


Cafe Gallage is a small cool cafe in Higashi-Nakano, it is affiliated with many other cafes in Tokyo, such as Glitch Coffee & ROaster, Counterpart Coffee Gallery, The Local Coffee Stand, etc. It is also a bar and they serve very cool cocktails in a cool, yet cozy setting.


This cafe in Nogata is between Nogata and Numabuko on the Seibu Shinjuku line.
This place hidden gem is almost only frequented by locals, but is worth the detour. If you want the fluffiest chiffon cake you've ever had in your life, this is the place to go. Try it alongside the delicious Japanese drink "Royal Milk Tea."

Rainbow Spice Cafe Chai Stall

Rainbow Spice Cafe is a franchised restaurant originally from Tachikawa that also has an address in the basement floor of Nakano Broadway. The indian curry they serve is simply amazingly delicious with a good balance of spices. You can choose from 8 varieties of the dish and some side orders such as salads and soups for just an extra 100 yen. They also specialize in original chai teas so make sure to try that too! Expect to pay around 1000 yen here.

MUTO Coffee Roastery

This coffee shop and roasters is right beside Nakano Station. They serve blend coffee for 500 yen, and homemade desserts for 450 yen. Walking by the shop, it is hard to resist the enticing smell of roasted coffee! The chocolate cake is really delish as well!


This is one of the oldest kissatens in Nakano, having opened 1959. It's near the south exit of Nakano station. People like it for its pretty homemade desserts and the retro atmosphere.

Because it's a popular coffee shop, you might have to wait in line a bit to get in. Most people have one of their sweets along with a cup of coffee or tea, but you can also order a light meal such as a pasta dish.

The whole cafe is smoke-free, which is a rarity in Tokyo.

Cafe de souvenir

This is an old charming cafe with many counter seats and a few tables. You can go there alone with a book in hand and read for an hour or so while you sip on a cup of their delectable premium coffees.

They have a very special 'Au Lait Glasse', which is a cold cafe au lait that has the milk and coffee parts separated, so you can see the nice contrast between the two liquids in your cup.


The crepe specialist in Nakano Broadway is Challenger. You can enjoy a variety of Harajuku-style rolled crepes stuffed with various sweet ingredients, whipped cream, ice cream and fresh fruits. They're quite cheap too at about ¥350 each. They also have ice cream and some savoury dishes (pasta, stews, curries).

Sakakoshi Coffee

It might be surprising to many to find such an authentic Japanese cafe on the second floor of Nakano Broadway. But actually, Nakano Broadway boasts a variety of excellent affordable cafes and restaurants, and this is one of them!

The coffee is expensive, as is the case in specialty coffee shops in Japan, but the quality is really outstanding. The coffee menu ranges in price from ¥600 to ¥1,000. They also have a cake menu with items around ¥400. You won't go wrong with the Mont-Blanc!

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