Updated: October 03, 2018
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The 10 Best Ramen Shops in Sapporo


Hokkaido is famous for miso ramen. However, there are many other types of unique ramen in Sapporo city other than miso ramen that you should try. Here are some examples of popular ramen shops local people love and that you will too!

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1. Ramen Sora Honten らーめん 空 本店

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Miso Ramen (味噌らーめん) ¥780.
The miso ramen's soup is made from sweet miso and Tonkotsu (pork bones stock). Grated ginger for the topping gives an interesting accent to the soup. This ramen is simple but the harmony of the flavors and the nice thin noodles makes it one of the top pics in Sapporo! For a little more, you can get the bowl with extra chashu pork which is worth it because it is so tender and delicious.

This popular ramen shop is located near the Susukino station.

2. Menya Yukikaze Susukino-honten 麺屋 雪風 すすきの本店

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Noukou Miso Ramen (濃厚味噌らーoe) ¥800.
The broth of this creamy chicken and miso-based ramen is incredibly addictive. It's not uncommon to see long queues in front of the ramen shop. You get a nice bit of thinly sliced green onions and a hanjuku egg cooked to perfection, along with the piece of chashu pork and cloud mushroom.

A must-go for ramen lovers! Located near the Susukino station.

3. Garyumenbu Hien 我流麺舞 飛燕

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Gyokai Torishio Paitan (魚介鶏塩白湯) is ¥750. Enjoy a rich flavor of fish stock and delicious homemade noodles!

They also serve a shoyu (soy sauce) and onion type of ramen that is so popular that they limit the number that they serve per day. This one is less rich but just as delicious!

This one is not in a central part of Sapporo but definitely worth the go for the die-hard ramen fans.

4. Ame ha Yasashiku 雨は、やさしく

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Shoyu Ramen(醤油らーめん). Ame ha Yasashiku has a reputation for providing creative ramen. Unlike conventional ramen shops, it will surprise you with unusual toppings, such as burdock tempura and chicken liver paste. Perhaps this is not one for the purist but it's still an awesome ramen shop that has its own little thing going on! Many swear that it's the best.

5. Menya Takahashi 麺屋高橋

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Misotsukemen (みそつけ麺) ¥780.
A delicious dipping ramen made with spicy miso and rich seafood soup stock that harmonize so incredibly well. People report waiting for up to 40 minutes to get into the restaurant. It's that popular!

6. Sumire Sapporo すみれ札幌

This is such as popular ramen place that it is known even outside of the city, in part because they made a cup noodle version of their ramen. Sumire's soup is made with a thick pork broth and also has Sumire's own famous miso taste. The thin noodles complement the soup perfectly! Sumire has a few branches in Sapporo; below is the original location that opened in the 60s.

7. Ramen Shingen らーめん信玄

This restaurant always has a long queue (up to 90 minutes wait time!), but it is well worth it according to a lot of people! The broth is rich, slightly sweet and incredibly delicious. People recommend adding some butter as an extra topping to make it even richer! Miso and butter go surprisingly well together so give it a try. The noodles are said to be on the soft side.

8. Sapporo Ichiryuan ラーメン札幌 一粒庵

This restaurant is a Michelin recommended shop and is really delicious. But it's a little hard to find. Their ramen is an interesting mix of traditional Japanese cuisine with a contemporary twist. The miso ramen is served with corn and butter, which adds an interesting flavor to the broth.

9. Menya Saimi 麺屋 彩未

Their miso ramen is delicious, and the noodles are chewy and firm. The broth was thick and had some ginger and green onions inside.
This shop is also really popular so a 30-minute-1 hour wait is not unusual.

10. Miso Ramen Sapporo Flame God of Fire 炎の味噌ラーメン札幌炎神

You come to this ramen shop for the ramen of course, but also for the incredible fire show. When they make the ramen, the staff are playing around with what almost seems like a flamethrower so it is really impressive to watch them make the ramen. The ramen is incredible too. They fry the garlic, ginger, and onions, and then they add the miso paste. Then they add the ramen broth and use a huge torch to bring out the taste even more. You have to try it to believe it!


Sapporo is really famous for its ramen, and its no wonder, there are so many delicious types of ramen. After trying ramen from this list, you'll understand why! Sapporo really does have one of the best ramens!

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