Updated: September 30, 2019
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KFC Japan Menu And Prices

KFC is a major chain restaurant in Japan. It is popular both for set meals and take-out, especially during the winter holiday season.

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KFC In Japan

The taste of the chicken at KFC Japan is apparently a bit different than the US one. Because of this while you're in Japan, KFC is an interesting chain to try if you're a fan of the American KFC. Here are the standard sets and the prices you can order in Japan.


Chicken Burger Sets

There are two options for the burger, a standard chicken filet one or a "wafu" Japanese style one. The Japanese style one has a slightly sweet soy sauce taste. They come with a medium size drink, the colonel's fries. The burger sets are ¥690.
Chicken filets in Japan are super soft and juicy.

Twister Sets

They also offer "twister sets" that come with wrap, a medium drink, and fries. The standard menu for twisters consists of the pepper mayo and the teriyaki one. The regular price is ¥640.

Original Chicken Set

The original Recipe chicken set comes with two pieces of chicken, fries, and a drink. It's ¥790.

Crispy Strip Set

The crispy strip set comes with two crispy batter-fried chicken pieces, a small fries, and a medium drink for ¥740.

Box Sets

If you've worked up an appetite, you can also have one of their box sets. there are four of them on the regular menu.

The burger set comes with a chicken fillet burger of your choice, a piece of chicken, fries, a medium size drink and an apple pie stick. It is ¥890.

You can also have a twister box (twister instead of the burger), an original chicken box (more chicken, no burger), and a crispy chicken box (same as the original chicken box but with crispy chicken). They also come with the same accompaniments as the chicken burger box and are all less than ¥1,000.

Kentuky Style Bicuits

You can get a southern style biscuit for ¥220. It comes with a honey maple sauce. The outer crust is hard but the inside is super fluffy. The biscuit is a really popular item in Japan. It is part of certain sets too.

Original Chicken In A Barrel

You can also get this staple in Japan! Buying the barrels and other large box sets with many items is extremely popular during the holiday season. KFC's chicken is strongly associated with Christmas in Japan. At some restaurants, you even have to order the chicken days in advance.
You buy the chicken by the piece. If you order more than twelve, your order comes in the signature Kentucky barrel.

<Number of pieces and prices>

1 piece ¥250
2 pieces ¥490
3 pieces ¥740
4 pieces ¥980
5 pieces ¥1,230
6 pieces ¥1,470
7 pieces ¥1,720
8 pieces ¥1,960
10 pieces ¥2,450
12 pieces ¥2,940

You can also order the boneless chicken pieces which are ¥250, and spicy version of the regular chicken which is about ¥20 more than the original by piece.
"Red Hot" spicy chicken by KFC Japan


If you happen to be in Osaka, you can even try the wildly popular KFC all-you-can-eat buffet.
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