Updated: August 30, 2018
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The Best Restaurants in Nakano, Tokyo


Wondering where to grab a bite around Nakano Station? Here are some of the best restos in the area!

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Hanawasaku Udon (讃岐のおうどん 花は咲く)

Hanawasaku Udon in Nakano is one of the best-ranking restos in the area! They specialize in udon dishes, and their signature dish is the impressive tempura and udon bowl and the beef udon bowl. The ratings here are all unanimously very good because the food is cheap and actually really good! For lunch expect to pay less than 1,000 yen!


Bankan is a lovely and cozy wine bar in Nakano, with a nice and unique selection of wine. They also serve great Italian cuisine, such as Iberico Pork and grilled sardines. If you don't what to get, you can get the course which is only 3,000 yen.

bistro & grill me at park

Bistro & grill me at park is right at the centre of Nakano's central park, a lovely area for families to gather in during the weekend. The restaurant has a very cool and fashionable interior with a nice view of the park. Their specialty is roasted pork and beef, such as roast beef plate served with grill vegetables.

Thai restaurant 999 (Kao Kao Kao)

This could be a dream come true or your worst nightmare. Thai restaurant 999 (pronounced "kao kao kao") serves amazing Thai cuisine, including a hot pot served with a mountain of coriander!! This dish is 1,580 yen and is served with 1kg of coriander!!
If you don't like coriander, there are a lot of amazing dishes to try, such as pad thai and their ramen dishes.

Sushi Yoshino (鮨与志乃)

Sushi Yoshino is definitely one of the most highly regarded sushi establishment in Nakano ward. For the quality, the price is extremely reasonable. For an evening dinner with an "omakase" course (omakase means that you leave it to the chef), the prices range from ¥5,000 to ¥10,000. It's even possible to get an assortment of 13 pieces for just ¥2,500 for dinner. Go for lunch as well and you can enjoy a dish called "kaisen chirashi", which is rice topped with an assortment of sashimi, that is just ¥1,200. The restaurant is in Nakano ward but the nearest station is Nakano Sakaue.

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