Updated: November 07, 2018
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What Do Japanese People Eat For Breakfast?


Ever wondered what Japanese people have for breakfast? Take a look to see what the Japanese eat for breakfast and it'll give you an insight into why they have such a healthy lifestyle! Also, we'll tell you where to grab the best breakfasts around Tokyo.

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What is a typical Japanese breakfast?

Fish, natto, rice & miso soup

What Japanese call breakfast would be considered more like lunch for Westerners. A typical Japanese breakfast consists of rice, miso soup, fermented soybeans (natto), grilled fish, some pickled vegetables and a small salad. Although many Westerners would rather skip the natto, it's still a well-balanced and healthy meal.

Gyudon or ramen

A lot of people on the run will simply catch a bowl of gyudon (beef and onions over rice) or a bowl of ramen. It's cheap, filling and quick. Perfect for the salarymen cut up in the hustle and bustle of Tokyo. A regular size of gyudon is less than ¥500 and is about 700 calories. So it's a good bang for your buck.


Onigiri also fills the cheap, filling and convenient criteria! A lot of restos and onigiri-specialized shops, conveniently located in stations are really nice. You can get, for example, an onigiri with a piece of fish in the centre. It's super easy to grab on the go and it's usually around ¥200-¥300.

Coffee & Toast

Another typical breakfast in Japan is coffee with thick pieces of toast. With a clear Western influence, the Japanese have put a spin on the classic breakfast and often serves it in an old-style Japanese cafe with a hand-drip cup of coffee and some red bean paste. It's quite tasty, you should give it a go too!
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