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Kairi in Ebisu, Tokyo Serves 1 Kg of Shrimps With The Shabu Shabu! [PR]


A 2-minute walk from JR Ebisu Station's West Exit, "Kairi" is a delightful restaurant which specializes in shrimps. The specialty is "shrimp shabu shabu" which uses 1 Kg of red shrimps! It makes for a rare experience because you will probably never have the chance to eat this many shrimps again! The menu is a shrimp lover's dream come true, you should also try their other famous shrimp dishes at Kairi!

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Ebisu Kairi: A shrimp lover's dream come true!

Kairi Ebisu is only a 2-minute walk from JR Ebisu Station's West Entrance. If you love shrimps, you should definitely visit this shrimp-specialized restaurant. You can eat shrimps to your heart's content!
You can recognize the restaurant because of its red banner at the entrance.

A staggering amount (1 Kg) of shrimps with the shabu shabu!

More than 1 Kg of shrimps with the shrimp shabu shabu, ¥1,980 (excluding taxes)
At Kairi, the most popular menu item is the shrimp shabu shabu, which is served with shrimps so fresh they can even be eaten raw. With over 1 Kg of shrimps, it can easily satisfy two people.
You won't believe how cheap it is given how many shrimps you get and how big they are (10 cm long!)
Shrimps and vegetables are served with their special spicy soup and the soymilk soup.
The shrimps are fresh, so fresh that, in fact, you can eat them raw while the soup is warming up. You can enjoy shrimp sashimi or dipped in the two different kinds of soups.
The mild soy milk soup or the spicy soup, both are outstanding with the shrimps. When shrimp is taken out of the pot at the right moment, the texture is chewy on the outside, while the center is still soft. More so than eating the shrimps raw, you can enjoy a sweet and deep strong taste. If you cook the head of the shrimp in the soup, it will give a dashi taste to the soup. After enjoying the vegetables and shrimps, you can also add ramen, 1 serving is 200g and is ¥500 (excluding taxes). Until the end, you can enjoy a deep shrimp umami taste!

Try the shrimp sashimi assortment!

The shrimp sashimi assortment, ¥1,780 (excluding taxes).
Also, you can get the luxurious shrimp sashimi assortment in order to compare the different tastes. This assortment of three types of shrimps is the resto's recommendation. Each type is about 20 cm long!
The red shrimps have a firm texture, the Butan shrimps have a rich and sweet taste, the angel shrimps are said to be of the best quality in the world with their deep umami flavour.

Humongous "ebi fry" on a fishing rod!

Humongous fried shrimp on a fishing rod, ¥1,480 (excluding taxes)
This is like no other "ebi fry" you've ever seen! This fried shrimp is served as though on a fishing rod. The shrimp is over 25 cm long and is humongous!
You can cut it up with scissors or you can try biting into it if you feel like it.
You can try it with different kinds of sauce, such as the homemade tartar sauce.

Their new famous dish is the drunk tiger prawns

Tiger prawns cooked in alcohol, ¥1,880 (excluding taxes)
Joining Kairi's list of famous dishes, up there with the 1kg shrimp shabu shabu and the humongous "ebi fry", is the new drunk tiger prawn dish.
Cooked in alcohol with the home-made sauce, the live shrimps are thrown in the pan. And as you turn on the heat, the shrimps start dancing in the pan. You can eat them half-cooked and they're perfectly chewy and delicious!

Kairi will please shrimp lovers from the beginning to the end

Shrimp ochazuke, ¥780
At Kairi, you can enjoy luxurious shrimps until the very end.
The red shrimps are used to made the shrimp ochazuke (¥780, excluding taxes), the shrimp tempura over rice (¥780, excluding taxes), and the onigiri with shrimp tempura filling (¥480, excluding taxes).
Let's try all the shrimps!

Let's try the sake pairings! There are over 15 kinds to try

At Kairi, you can enjoy over 15 kinds of sake to enjoy the shrimp cuisine! Also, depending on the season, you can try different recommended sakes! You can enjoy amazing sake with the different dishes.

If you love shrimps, you should definitely stop by Kairi

Be sure to check out Kairi to try all the recommended shrimp dishes! You won't believe you'll be able to eat so many incredibly shrimps at that price. Your stomach and your wallet will thank you!
If you love shrimps, you should definitely check out Kairi!
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