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M-SPO In Shibuya, Tokyo: Eat, Play, Drink! [PR]


M-SPO is a sports bar right in the center of Shibuya, Tokyo, where you can watch the game and enjoy cheap beer, but you can also come to have a really good dinner with friends. No matter what, you'll have a great time without breaking the bank.

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You're traveling through Tokyo and you're looking for a cool venue to watch the big game, or perhaps you'd like to have dinner with your friends and enjoy a game of darts or virtual golf. Whichever the reason, who knew you could drink and eat without breaking the bank right in the heart of Shibuya, Tokyo!
When walking through Shibuya, there are so many bars to choose from and it may almost seem overwhelming. But, basically, if you're looking for a place where you can have cheap beer (local & German) or hang out in a large venue with your friends where there is no cover charge, you can give a try to M-SPO.
You can come to enjoy a game of darts with your friends in this huge and lively venue. The more you drink, the better you think you get at it. Luckily, the sophisticated darts machine keeps score for you.

Also, there are many 160 inch TV screens scattered around the bar, so during an important match, you won't miss a peep!
You can also enjoy a game of virtual golf. You certainly don't have to be an expert to enjoy it. In fact, I had never played golf before, but I still had a good laugh with my friends.
And if that opened up your appetite, afterwards, you can also grab dinner and enjoy a nice glass of wine and a pizza. The menu is surprisingly diversified for a sports bar.


They mostly serve Western cuisine, but they also have Japanese specialties, such as sushi and "Wagyu" (Japanese beef).
Wagyu Steak, ¥1,250 (excluding taxes)
The garlic Wagyu (Japanese beef) steak is incredibly tender and flavorful. It is served with some vegetables and is perfect for sharing or as a meal in itself. If you're the sharing type or not, that's up to you.
Wagyu Burger, ¥1,400 (excluding taxes)
Now, this may be the best of both worlds coming together. If you can't decide whether you want Japanese cuisine or Western cuisine, you can have a bit of both. The Wagyu burger is made with high-quality Akage beef from Kyushu. This type of beef is rather rare, as most restos serve Kuroge beef, so you also get the chance to try something new.
Heartland Beer:
(excluding taxes)
There's no better accompaniment to Wagyu than a nice cold Japanese beer. What's more, it's cheap!
Salmon Roll, ¥600 (excluding taxes)
If you want something completely Japanese, you could try the sushi. There are many types to choose from, such as the avocado roll or the vegetable roll. The salmon roll is served with salmon on the outside and vegetables on the inside and a soy sauce gelée on top.
German Sausages, ¥1,500 (excluding taxes)
Next in the line-up are German sausages. There are traditional and seasoned sausages and they are served with some vegetables and fries. It's a great meal to have before drinking as it is quite hearty and really tasty.
German Beer, Erdinger:
(excluding taxes)
What could possibly be a better fit with German sausages than German beer! This beer is so delicious and easy to drink. It's a light and slightly fruity beer; even people who don't usually enjoy beer can drink it.
Quattro Formaggi, ¥1,200 (excluding taxes)
While watching a game, you could order a pizza. The pizza is surprisingly authentic and delicious for a sports bar! It's perfect for sharing and even better with a bottle of wine.
There are sweet and savoury pizzas to choose from. The four-cheese pizza is made with gorgonzola, mozzarella, camembert and parmesan cheese. Drizzled with honey, it's a taste of heaven.
There are many wine bottles available: red, white and sparkling too.
Wine starts at ¥1,900 (excluding taxes).
Cocktails, ¥450-¥700 (excluding taxes)
There are almost 30 different types of cocktails to choose from; they have all the classics and then some!


Eat, play, drink.
You can go to M-SPO to play some fun games, watch sports games on one of the many huge screens, or you can go there to simply enjoy some delicious foods and some cheap drinks. Whatever the reason, come with your friends or by yourself and you'll have an awesome night out!
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