Updated: November 07, 2018
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The Best French Restaurants in Shinjuku, Tokyo!


Here are some of the best French restaurants in Shinjuku you should definitely try while you're in the area! Enjoy!

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Le Salon Jacques Borie

This beautiful and inviting restaurant in the heart of Shinjuku is a wonderful place to stop by for lunch, dinner or afternoon tea. The sunny venue makes you feel as though you are in a beautiful Parisian cafe.
Lunch is from ¥ 3,900 and dinner is from ¥12,000. You can also order a la carte.
While enjoying a lovely afternoon of shopping in Shinjuku's Isetan, you might want to sit down and unwind a bit in front of a luxurious afternoon tea set.
There are a few sets to choose from, such as 1 choice of cake + a coffee, ¥ 2,200.
You can try all the classic French desserts made by an expert patissier; a meringue, a Paris-Brest, a gateau opera, etc.
This very relaxing atmosphere is great for hanging out with some girlfriends in the afternoon or for a date in the evening.

C'est la Vie Nagano

In terms of price/quality, this restaurant is top notch. You can come here for lunch and enjoy some delicious and authentic French cuisine for under ¥2,000. It comes with a salad, appetizers, soup, a main dish, bread and a drink. It's quite a steal.
You should also try their rare cheesecake. It's just the perfect size to finish the lunch on an even sweeter note.

Dinner is also reasonable and delicious!
The decor feels like you aren't in Japan anymore. Also, the staff are very welcoming and accommodating. You should stop by this resto after a nice walk in Shinjuku's wonderful park.


The lunch set is between ¥1,000 and ¥2,000, which is really reasonable given the quality and the portion. There are some daily specials as well. The course is offered all day long and starts at ¥3,300. The course comes with 3 types of appetizers, soup, a main dish, dessert and coffee!
Their beautiful desserts are also worth mentioning. This one is really light and perfectly balanced.
Cressoniere is a small and intimate bistro in Shinjuku. It's a great place for a low-key date in the evening or a nice and hearty lunch. Whatever the reason you're visiting, you'll feel right at home in this cozy bistro.

Kagurazaka La Tourelle

La Tourelle is also a walking distance from Iidabashi or Kagurazaka station. It is actually a Michelin-recommended restaurant.
It is a nice place to slowly enjoy your meal with friends or a date. The dishes and the wine go great together and the staff is very polite.
The desserts are sublime and intricately prepared. You almost feel bad taking a bite out of it.
The lunch menu starts at ¥3,800 yen and the dinner menu at ¥8,500.
Have you ever seen a building like this in Japan? You would think you walked out of Idabashi Station right into the South of France.

Le Loisir

Le Loisir is also located 3 minutes away from Iidabashi station. It is a French bistro restaurant that is in the Tokyo 2016 Bib gourmand, which means you can enjoy incredible delicious French food at a reasonable price at this restaurant.
Lunch is only ¥1,100 and dinner is ¥2,900. The dinner course comes with an appetizer, main dish and dessert, and you can choose your main dish of the day.
This restaurant is also very cute and intimate. It's great for an intimate get-together with friends or a date.

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