Updated: January 29, 2020
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5 Must Eat Foods In Sapporo!


Hokkaido is a foodies paradise! While you are there make sure to have the following regional specialties: kaisendon, jingisukan, miso ramen, crab, and ice cream.

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Bar hopping at various locations

Before we give you our list of must-eat foods, here's a bit of bonus information about some great foodie tours in Sapporo. Magical Trip offers some really fun bar hopping tours with a local that will make you discover those hard-to-find quaint izakayas serving great foods and drinks that only a local can guide you to.

Kaisendon (seafood bowl)

Unless you absolutely despise seafood or have some dietary restrictions, the kaisendon (literally "seafood bowl") is your number one must eat food when you go to Sapporo. The northern seas of Japan abound with some of the most delicious seafood there is, so naturally, Sapporo is famous throughout Japan for being a gourmet spot for that.

One of the best ways to enjoy the rich variety of fresh seasonal seafood of the region is by having this kaisendon, which is simply a bowl of rice with a generous amount of various sashimi toppings. It's truly a luxurious dish that you can have at a bargain when visiting Sapporo. A good place to have it is at the Sapporo Wholesale Market which specializes in seafood. See the link below for more information.


"Jingisukan" is the Japanese pronunciation of Genghis Khan. The dish was named after the legendary Mongolian emperor because it consists of lamb meat (popular in Mongolia but not in Japan) grilled on a skillet that resembles a feudal Mongolian helmet. Jingisukan is undoubtedly one of the most representative dishes of Hokkaido. It is essentially the northern island's twist on yakiniku. When you eat at a Jingisukan restaurant, you grill the meat and vegetables at your table and you can dip the ingredients in sauces that are provided. You get a sense of Hokkaido unique food culture by having Jingisukan. Not only is lamb meat virtually absent from Japanese cuisine in the rest of Japan, but also the dipping sauces are a bit different because they are made with ingredients such as garlic which is again not something you would find in standard yakiniku restaurants in the rest of the country.

Another reason to visit a Jingisukan restaurant is the quaint, warm atmosphere you'll enjoy! Order a few beers while you enjoy your meal and you're guaranteed to have a great evening.

Check the link below for Jingisukan restaurants you can't go wrong with in Sapporo.


Sapporo is known as a ramen place, so while you're there, make sure to have some. The miso ramen is particularly a must eat because it's Hokkaido's own unique creation. As you've probably guessed because it's in the name, the broth is miso-based, which adds another dimension to the savoury umami. Another characteristic of this Hokkaido-made ramen is that it's served with corn kernels and a nice piece of Hokkaido butter; Hokkaido is Japan's dairy land so people there tend to use butter much more than the rest of Japan. You'll be surprised by how the rich buttery taste works well with the miso!

If you're looking for some awesome ramen in Hokkaido, you might want to visit the places listed in the article below.


In the seafood category, Hokkaido is especially famous for crab. You may have heard of "Hokkaido crab"; the term refers to four kinds of crabs commonly found in Hokkaido: Kegani (Horsehair Crab), Tarabagani (King Crab), Zuwaigani (Snow Crab), and Hanasakigani (Hanasaki Crab). Each of these crabs has a different peak season so it might be a good idea to ask about what is the recommendation for the current season when you visit a restaurant specializing in crab.

A popular way to enjoy crab in Sapporo is to have in a hot pot dish similar to shabu shabu, which means that you cook the ingredients yourself in a hotpot served at your table. If you want to enjoy many types of crab dishes and many types of crabs, then it might be a good idea to go to one of the city's many crab buffets. See the link below for a good list to choose from.

Ice Cream At "Milk Mura"

As previously mentioned, Hokkaido is very well known for its excellent dairy products, among which ice cream is definitely one of those "must eats" when you visit Sapporo. A cafe that is particularly famous for serving some excellent Hokkaido ice cream is Hokkaido Milk Mura. You can have deluxe sets for about ¥1,500 that come with soft serve ice cream with liqueur as a topping and some other sweets such as crepes on the side. The combination of liqueur and ice cream is really something that most people find unexpectedly delicious. They have choices such as black tea liqueur, chocolate liqueur, and brandy.

The cafe is in a very central location, near Susukino Station.
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