Updated: November 07, 2018
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Must Eat Foods In Shinjuku: The Best Places!


Information on where to have the very best yakitori, yakiniku (horumon), sushi bowls, parfaits, and ramen in Shinjuku.

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Torimitsu 鳥みつ

You should definitely try this small yakitori restaurant because it's one of the best in Tokyo and it's not even that expensive. In case you're not familiar with yakitori, it is parts of chicken grilled on skewers, either lightly salted or with a tare sauce. Try several different kinds while you're there. If you're unsure what to have, ask the chef for his recommendation ("osusume" in Japanese). Yakitori restaurants are traditional taverns so feel free to have some drinks too. If you have a couple of drinks and skewers, most people report paying less than ¥4,000.

Hormon Sen Horumon Chan

Horumon means innards that are, in this case, used as ingredients for Korean BBQ. Horumon Sen is a restaurant that is really well known for this Japanese specialty. If you don't come from a culture that has a tradition of eating innards, this might not be the most appealing of things to try, but you should at least give horumon a chance once since its an important part of Japanese meat cuisine. Nearly every Japanese loves innards on a yakiniku grill. Give them a try! Note that you can still order regular cuts of meat too, and you will for sure enjoy the authentic and warm atmosphere of this famous restaurant.

Takumimakoto 匠誠

This is one for sushi lovers. Takumimakoto is a reputable sushi restaurant where you can have exquisite sushi courses for dinner that are easily over ¥10,000, but if you go for lunch, they have a special called the chirashi sushi bowl, which is scattered pieces of sashimi on a bowl of rice. The ingredients are seasonal and the best you can get. Best of all, this dish is below ¥3,000! This place is extremely popular so a reservation is a must.
Located very near the South-East Exit of the Shinjuku Station. Note that the restaurant is only open for lunch on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Takano Fruits Parlor

Japan is famous for its extremely expensive luxury fruits and its aesthetically beautiful parfaits, so why not kill two birds with one stone by trying extremely expensive fruits in a parfait so beautiful you might feel guilty to eat it! Takano is famous not only in Japan, but around the world. Chefs are masters in the art of fruit cutting, and the company gives the foremost importance to the production area and the producers of the fruits and other ingredients it uses. Most of the fruits you can enjoy are produced in Japan. Parfaits are, as you've probably guessed, quite expensive (around ¥2,000) but you should give them a try at least once!
Even if you don't go there for the parfait, have a look inside their fruit store on the basement floor to see for yourself the expensive fruits they use.

Ramen (various locations)

With its vibrant business district and its hordes of hungry business people looking for a quick meal, Shinjuku is naturally an area where excellent ramen joints abound. There are more than two hundred of them in the ward alone! From kotteri (oily, strong taste) to assari (light taste), to fish-based soups to pork and chicken-based ones, there is a ramen joint for everyone in Shinjuku. Here is a list to help you decide which one to go to. All of the joints listed in the article below are extremely popular so you might have to wait in line to get in.

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