Updated: November 07, 2018
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7 Awesome Tokyo Street Foods You Need To Try


If you are looking for some of the most popular street foods you can find in Tokyo, here is a list for you! I also include links to the best places to find them!

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In its simple form of a triangular-shaped rice ball with various fillings, the onigiri is not the most flashy of street foods but it definitely is the most prevalent in Tokyo. You can buy them at convenience stores for as little as ¥100 so many Japanese people get some as a quick meal. I recommend you try some with salmon roe (called ikura in Japanese). The little eggs burst in your mouth as you chew, releasing a rich creamy oil with a taste of the sea.

Onigiri balls can be found virtually anywhere but going to a store that specializes in making them is really worth it. Check out the link below for some good suggestions.


Yakitori refers to chicken meat that is dipped in either a soy-based sauce or salted and grilled over charcoal on skewers. What is interesting is that the Japanese use virtually every part of the animal, so you can get a skewer that is just made up of chicken skin, cartilage, hearts, or various kinds of innards. I personally recommend that you try the cartilage ones called "nankotsu" because of their really nice crunchy texture. Yakitori skewers are very popular at izakaya type taverns but are also commonly sold as street food and at festivals.

See the link below for great restaurants specializing in yakitori.

Taiyaki たい焼き

Taiyaki is a classic dessert you must try in Japan. It is often sold in stands, and it smells heavenly as you walk by. Taiyaki are sweets shaped as a fish ("tai") often filled with red bean paste or cream. There is a multitude of seasonal variations to try as well, such as sweet potato, or chestnut.

Check out this link for some of the best places to have taiyaki!

Japanese Crepes

The Japanese crepe is basically a rolled up French crepe with lots of fillings. Common ingredients you will find inside are cut fruits, cream, ice cream, mochi rice balls, small pieces of cake, and sweet red bean paste. The best place to have them is in the Harajuku district. Shops in that area have displays in front of their shop with dozens of kind of crepes you can choose from. Most of them are sweet but there are also some savory options. Having a crepe while you walk down the famous Takeshita shopping street of Harajuku is a must!

Here are some excellent stores in Harajuku.

Ice Cream

Japan has made ice cream their own with some original flavors drawn from traditional ingredients. Try for instance an ice cream made of black sesame seeds. Skeptics are won over easily by this one. The taste is super rich and unexpectedly delicious. Another type of ice cream that has become very popular is the matcha ice cream with its beautiful green color and a slightly bitter taste that balances out the sweetness of the treat to perfection.

Here are some great spots to get yourself some delectable ice cream made in Japan!


Tamagoyaki is a Japanese-style omelet that is made by being poured into a frying pan a little bit at a time and being rolled over on itself until it achieves a thickness of about two centimetres. Sugar, soy sauce, fish dashi, mirin and other traditional ingredients are added to it to give it a savoury and slightly sweet taste. Tamagoyaki is often eaten at home but you can find it sold as a street food as well. There are some amazingly good ones that are sold for cheap on skewers at the Tsukiji fish market!

Here are some restaurants and street stalls specializing in tamagoyaki.


Takoyaki is Osaka's soul food but it has become popular all over Japan. These little balls are made with wheat batter in which octopus pieces are added. As a topping, you can add some sweet and savory sauce and some dried bonito fish flakes. You eat them with a toothpick. They are often sold at festival stalls. Be careful when you eat them because they are served piping hot!
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