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Enjoy An Exquisite Customizable Yakiniku Course In Daikanyama At Seikou-En [PR]


Seikou-En is located a 3-minute walk from the Daikanyama station or a 5-minute walk from the Ebisu station. You can have there an omakase course that you customize to your liking. Favy went there to try it out! The meat used for the course is black cattle Japanese beef from Kyushu. It was surprisingly of good value. Definitely worth the go!

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Secluded Restaurant Located Near The Ebisu And Daikanyama Stations

Seikou-En is conveniently located at just a 3-minute walk from the Daikanyama station and a 5-minute walk from the Ebisu station in a quiet residential area. You can enjoy there some fine black Japanese cattle from Kyushu in a calming ambiance. It's the ideal place to go on a date or just to spend time in good company.

An "Omakase" Course Well Worth The Try!

We had the restaurant's recommended "omakase" course for ¥6,000 (taxes not included). "Omakase" in Japanese means to "leave it to the chef", but here, the course is not fixed, nor is it left to the chef to decide because you choose yourself the items that you want. You can order a total of 12 items on the menu of the course, and you don't have to choose what you want all at once. Adjust as you go along and feel free to ask for some recommendations.

[Omakase Course]

Price: ¥6,000 (taxes not included)
Content: 12 items of your choice from the menu
Conditions: On reservation only (same day reservations are accepted)
Note: Some items may not be available at times and prices are subject to change based on the items offered and the quantity.

Beef Tongue: A Japanese Delicacy

Beef tongue is a standard recommended by the restaurant that almost everyone orders. You can enjoy thick or thin cuts that have different textures too. Try both and see which one you prefer!

Sukiyaki + Yanikinku = Yakisuki!

"Yakisuki" is all the rage right now at yakiniku restaurants in Japan so we had to try it. It a combines the raw egg yolks that are served with sukiyaki and the beef cuts that you grill yourself of the yakiniku.
Once cooked, you dip it in the raw egg yolk. The creamy texture of the egg combined with the meat is like a piece of heaven! The meat cuts called "Shinshin" had a slightly high amount of marbling. You just need to grill them slightly for the perfect taste.

You can also have yakisuki with leaner meat cuts. Both are exquisite so try the ones that tickle your fancy.

Something For Everyone

We ordered on that day mostly cuts (pictured above) with a high amount of marbling because that's what we felt like having. For cuts with a high fat content, you just need to salt them lightly and add some wasabi to go with them because the natural sweetness and umami of the beef is enough. The meat is so tender and sublime!

Order One Piece At A Time And Ask For Recommendations

You can talk to the staff that will gladly recommend some items. Adjust what it is you order to the level of appetite you have halfway through the course. Or simply reorder things similar to the ones that you liked the most.
We said to the staff that we were particularly fond of the yakisuki, so we were recommended the same meat parts that are used for that one but cut in much thicker pieces.

If you like, you can reorder exactly the same item or try something different such as the assortment plate of innards.

Great Side Menu Items To Complement The Meat

There are many excellent side menu items to choose from. You get with the course a kimchi assortment that goes so well with the deep-flavored meat. The crunchy texture of the kimchi combined with the tender meat is just the perfect match.
We also tried a salad made with a sesame oil dressing. The fresh salad also works wonderfully well to balance out the fattiness of the meat.

Bibimbap As A Last Order

As our last dish, we tried the bibimbap which comes served in a hot stone bowl. Although it was pretty large, it wasn't so heavy so we managed to finish it all up, even though we were already quite full at this point in the course. If you ordered a lot of meat and are quite full, you can simply ask for a simple bowl of rice instead.

Seikou-En's Customizable Course Is A Must-Try

Hard to go wrong with a yakiniku course that is made up of the items that you choose! We definitely enjoyed our experience at Seikou-En, and we're sure you'll spend a great time there as well. The restaurant is very centrally located near the Ebisu and Daikanyama stations. Why not give it a try next time you go to that area?
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