Updated: October 09, 2018
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5 Awesome Street Foods In Shinjuku And Where To Have Them


Looking for some of the best street foods in Shinjuku? Here is a useful guide that includes info on outstanding gyoza, yakitori, and various sweets shops.

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Gyoza (dumplings) at "Gyoza no Fukuho" 餃子の福包

If you want a cheap satisfying light meal, nothing beats gyozas. If you want to have some particularly good ones, Gyoza no Fukuo in Shinjuku is the place to go.

Theirs are healthy with lots of vegetables and burst with an umami-packed juice when you bite into them. You have the choice to have them with or without chive and garlic. Most people have both. You can have six of them fried or boiled for ¥290.

A nice snack to have during a gourmet tour of Shinjuku! The restaurant is super clean and has table and counter seats.

Yakitori At "Torihana" 鳥はな

Yakitori is grilled chicken on skewers, a type of food that is very popular in izakayas. There are several good places in Shinjuku to have them, but I really recommend Torihana for some of the best.

The restaurant is tiny with just nine counter seats and a table for up to four people placed outside. The place is super quaint and the yakitori is really top-notch. You can have a full course with a wide variety of skewers or just order a la carte the ones that tickle your fancy.

Cheese Tarts At "Bake Cheese Tart"

Moving on to sweets, you should definitely try these cheese tarts if you go to the Lumine Est department store that is connected to the station building. The shop is on the first floor.

They are very simple baked cheese tarts made with quality ingredients. The cream cheese inside is super fluffy with a perfect balance of acidity, saltiness, and sweetness. The crust is nice and crunchy because it's baked twice.

Sold for just ¥200, they've been a massive hit ever since the shop was opened in 2014.

Waffles At "Mr. Waffle"

At the Lumine 2 department store, there is an awesome shop called Mr. Waffle that specializes in - you've guessed it - waffles.

They have several kinds under ¥200. Flavors include matcha, chocolate, earl grey, and sesame just to name a few. You can also order a cup with a combination of soft served ice cream and waffles.

Matcha Ice Cream At "Cha no Ikedaya" 茶の池田や

This is a green tea shop which serves some of the most amazing Japanese-style ice cream in Shinjuku.

Standard cones made with a blend of ice cream with some rich matcha green tea start at ¥250, and for a little extra, you can get a deluxe version with some matcha cookies as a topping.

Cha no Ikedaya is located inside the Odakyu Ace department store.

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