Updated: November 07, 2018
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Addictively-Delicious Cheese-Filled Dutch Pancakes At PATH!


The pancake boom is still at its peak in Japan, and what's amazing about it is that there are so many types of pancakes to try with different flavours and textures. The Dutch pancake is like a Danish and is crunchy on the outside and is soft on the inside with melted Burrata cheese inside.

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You can spend a beautiful morning at this popular bistro, PATH

Only a 3-minute walk from Yoyogi-Koen Station, you'll find PATH, a beautiful cafe & Bistro.
PATH is the sister shop of Shibuya's famous Bistro Rojiura. It is managed by Mr.Harashi, which is both owner and chef, and by Mr.Godoushi, the patissier.
Since it's open from 8 AM, you can stop by to spend a lovely morning here.
PATH sells some delicious home-made bread that you can have there or to go. But as their bread is quite popular, it can often sell-out in the morning.

More than 50 orders of Dutch pancakes everyday!

This is PATH's most popular dish, the Dutch pancake with prosciutto and Burrata cheese, ¥1,620 (taxes included).
The pancake has a round shape and has a diameter of 18 cm. At the centre of the pancake is lots of prosciutto and Burrata cheese. The pancake is crispy is poured into an iron-cast pan and is crispy like a crepe batter. After the batter expands, the bottom is soft while the sides are crispy. The texture is amazing.

The outside is crunchy and the inside is soft. A new kind of pancake texture!

As you cut inside the pancake, mozzarella and fresh cream start pouring out and mixes with the Burrata cheese.
The cheese at PATH comes from a store 30 seconds away, which is well-known by cheese lovers, Cheese Stand.
Thanks to that, the cheese is always incredibly fresh.
As soon as I took a bite, I was surprised because it was a texture I had never experienced before. It's like nothing you could imagine. It's a lot closer to a Danish in terms of texture since it is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.
You can feel the egg texture and there is a nice butter smell.
The batter is slightly sweet and goes very well with the prosciutto and the milky cheese. Once I had a taste, I understood why it was such a popular dish.

Halfway, you can make it sweet for a different taste

First, it is recommended to have the pancake as is, and then halfway, you can add the maple syrup to the pancake for a different taste.

The savoury pancake comes with maple syrup, and although you might be hesitant to use it, the maple syrup transforms the taste instantly.
It's like you had a meal and a dessert, all in one.
If you pour lots of maple syrup over the pancake, the saltiness of the prosciutto with the sweetness of the maple syrup go surprisingly well together!
The maple syrup also deepens the taste of the milky cheese and almost transforms it into a pannacotta.
You can enjoy one dish two ways, so you definitely won't get tired of this tasty pancake!


Of course, you should come to PATH to enjoy their popular Dutch pancakes, but you can also come try their delicious pastries and bread.
At night, it turns into a bistro with a nice atmosphere where you can enjoy their nice cuisine.
The staff kindly informed me that if you come from 9:30 in the morning, you don't have to wait in line. Now that you're in on that secret, go check it out for yourself.
Lili Wanderlust
I love travelling and discovering new cuisines. Japan has a panoply of local dishes to try. I also love yoga, coffee, reading, and cycling.

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