Updated: October 11, 2018
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Ushigoro-Kan: Awesome Quality Wagyu Yakiniku And Sake In Ebisu


If you are looking for a reasonably priced Japanese "wagyu" yakiniku restaurant, Ushigoro-Kan is one of the best choices in Ebisu. It also serves some excellent sake to pair with your meal.

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Have A Japanese Wagyu Beef And Sake Experience At "Ushigoro-Kan" Yakiniku Restaurant

Ushigoro-Kan is conveniently located at a 30-second walk from the Ebisu station. They also have a location in Gotanda. See the details below for information on both of these restaurants.
There are some counter seats, as well as some tables for large and small groups, and even private rooms. The burners at the tables are fueled by gas.
You can order a la carte but I recommend you take a course.

Here, the staff will grill the meat for you. This is the best way to enjoy every cut grilled perfectly. It's often done like this at higher-end yakiniku restaurants.

I tried the "sen" (選) course this time at ¥6,500.
The first plate that was served had three types of wagyu beef from Miyazaki prefecture. There were three different cuts of different thickness and marbling in the plate. You can see by the reflection of the light and colour that all of these were really fresh.

All of them were so tender and juicy, full of natural umami.
After the first meat serving, they serve a dish of yuzu salad. The fresh taste is perfect to reset our taste buds and get ready for the next serving of meat.
Then came another plate of cuts that had an even higher amount of marbling. These pieces were even more tender than the first ones!

Signature Dish: Sirloin Sukiyaki

This is the signature dish of the restaurant: the sirloin sukiyaki. You get served top-quality sirloin along with rich creamy fresh egg yolks (for dipping) and rice.
The beautifully marbled pink meat is grilled to perfection for you for just a few seconds. The short grilling time is to retain the fat content.
Once grilled, you dip it in a tare sauce and the egg yolk sukiyaki-style.
The way to eat it is by topping it on rice. The mix of the tender wagyu coupled with the creamy egg yolk and the additional umami from the tare sauce is a pure delight!

Sake Tasting Sets And Cups From ¥500

The theme of the restaurant is "wagyu and sake" so definitely pair your meal with some of their excellent Japanese sake that starts at just ¥500 a cup.
If you are not sure what to have, I recommend that you try their sake assortments of six different kinds. This set is just ¥1,000. You'll enjoy tasting the different kinds of sake and then you can decide which one to reorder.

Creamy Egg Yolk Pudding As A Dessert

This is a specialty from Fukushima prefecture that is so delicious. The egg yolk pudding is incredibly smooth and you will find at the bottom a kind of slightly bitter caramel that goes really well with the creamy pudding part. It's not too sweet, just perfect.


For excellent yakiniku that is of high quality but still pretty reasonably priced, Ushigoro-Kan is the place to go. It would be a good place to have a date or just enjoy an evening with some friends.

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