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Yotsu Bar In Shibuya, Tokyo: Impressive Fruit Cocktails And Modern Cuisine! [PR]


If you're looking to spend a nice evening in central Tokyo sipping on fruit cocktails and tasting some original modern dishes, then Yotsu Bar is the place to go. Conveniently located in Shibuya, at a walking distance from the Harajuku-Omotesando area.

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Yotsu Bar: The Fruit Cocktail Specialist Also Serves Delightful Food Items

Yotsu Bar in Shibuya, Tokyo, is the ideal place to spend a fun and lively evening while sipping on beautiful fruit cocktails and eating some delightful dishes too.

The bar has a comfortable atmosphere; you can easily go there on a date, with friends or colleagues.

It is conveniently located central Tokyo, at more or less a 5-minute walking distance from the Shibuya, Harajuku, Meiji-Jingumae and Omotesando stations.
The specialty of the bar is fruit drinks. I'll introduce some of the popular cocktails in the second half of this article, but first, let's start with some items on the food menu.

Dishes That Are Delightfully Original

These foods are pretty far from your standard bar snacks, to say the least! The food menu was thought out to work well with the fruit cocktails so be sure to try some with your drinks.
Sangenton Roast Pork With Seasonal Fruits (¥1,480, taxes included)
The menu items at Yotsu Bar are not only tasty but so beautifully presented as well.

This roast pork is cooked sous-vide (slowly at low heat) which gives it a tender texture full of succulent umami and brings out the natural sweetness of the Japanese Sangenton pork.

The sauce varies with the season. For instance, the fall variation has some Shine Muscat grapes in it, which is a type of Japanese grape known for its gentle Muscat scent.

With basil and tomatoes, this dish has an overall well-balanced refreshing taste.

The ingredients may vary based on the season.
Smoked Salmon Tartar With Japanese Persimmon And A Cream Sauce (¥880, taxes included)
This gorgeous dish is made with Chilian Atlantic salmon mixed in with some Japanese persimmon. The creamy sauce is also persimmon-based. The sweet and acidic combination is spot on!

This dish is particularly popular with women.
Shine Muscat Grapes And Scallop Carpaccio (¥980, taxes included)
These scallops from Britanny are simply seasoned with rock salt. The saltiness of the scallops is balanced out with the sweetness of the Shine Muscat grapes to create a delicious novel harmony of tastes.
Bacon And Tomato Potato Salad (¥500, taxes included)
This salad has some white vinegar and mustard in it, so it's both a little acidic and sweet, and the bacon bits add a nice crisp to the texture.

You should try this dish with a sweet fruit cocktail. Pear and melon cocktails are a good pairing for this one.

Insta-Worthy Fruit Cocktails

Sour fruit cocktails are among the most popular drinks in Japan, so it could be a good idea to try these for the cultural experience, not to mention their great taste! Sour drinks are made with a traditional spirit alcohol called shochu, mixed with some soda water and fruits.

The most common one is the lemon sour, but at Yotsu Bar, they serve the drink mixed with a nice variety of fruits. Cocktails may vary seasonally.
Pink Grapefruit Sour (¥700, taxes included)
This sour cocktail is almost too beautiful to drink! It comes served with luscious pieces of grapefruit, adorned with an orchid flower. Squeeze the slices to adjust the sweetness and acidity to your liking.
Kiwi Sour (¥800, taxes included)
The kiwi fruits for this cocktail are marinated in Yotsu Bar's home-made syrup. Mash the pieces as you drink to release the fruity kiwi taste!
Lemon Sour (¥700, taxes included)
The lemon sour is made of Japanese lemons known for their sweetness, so this cocktail is surprisingly easy to drink. Lemon sours are very popular in Japan, but you won't encounter any other with this amount of lemon slices in it. Definitely worth the try!


Yotsu Bar is a great place to discover in Shibuya. It's nice that they use many domestic ingredients and that they give a special attention to the seasonality of their fruits. It might be interesting to go there with every season change for that reason! Give it a try next time you're in the area.
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