Updated: November 07, 2018
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Praised on TV, Shibuya's Ambulant Secret Curry Place: Kenick Curry


This curry shop was popularized on "Matsuko no shiranai sekai." Kenick Curry is said to be the first of it's kind. The keema curry is made without any water. You should also try their hidden menu!

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Do you know of this secret curry shop?

There's now a huge trend that can be seen on TV and in magazines, the ambulant curry. You might wonder what that is. It's when restaurants rent out bars or other spaces which aren't used for a part of the day and set shop there to sell their dishes.

Probably the first of its genre, Kenick Curry

Only 5 minutes from Shibuya Station, and on the fifth floor of the Donki building.
As you reach the fifth floor by elevator, you'll look around and wonder could this really be the place? It only says "Bar foxy." Hm.

As of 11:30 PM, people are already starting to line-up in the staircase.
As soon as it opens, people start entering. Hm, wait, it looks like a bar, but it smells like curry, I guess this is the right place?
There are counter seats and table seats, 18 in total. It's a rather large space with a relaxing vibe.

Try this highly-praised curry!

So you might be wondering who is Matsuko and her TV show. It's this lady pictured above. She's incredibly popular on Japanese TV for her sharp tongue and humour.
Matsuko praised this curry dish on her popular TV show, "Matsuko no shiranai sekai." So you can be certain Japanese people will lining up to try it.
We came here today to try the Kenick curry, as well as the daily offering (¥1,300). For ¥200 extra you can a coriander topping!

This dry curry is only made with the vegetable's moisture

For over 15 years the shopkeepers have been making their famous Kenick curry.
However, on the signboard, it says "waterless keema", which is their original dish, made only with the vegetables' moisture.
You can enjoy the texture of the cooked pork and is slightly sweet because of the vegetables, it also has a slightly spicy aftertaste.
It is served with a half-boiled egg, which accentuates the deep taste of the curry and adds a creamy texture.
Also, the fried onion gives a crispy texture.

The hidden daily menu

As the daily menu changes, well daily, it is not always possible to try this hidden dish, the Rorowhan.
It is slowly simmered with a deep taste and a sweet anise smell.

As the shopkeeper has lived some time in Taiwan, he has learned to cook there.

Coriander lovers, try this!

If you like coriander, you should try the extra topping of coriander for ¥200.
It is made with pesticide-free and organic coriander grown in Chiba, which is fresh and crispy.
Both the dishes mentioned above go very well with coriander and really adds a nice accent to the dishes.

You can't go wrong with this "dinosaur egg" topped with avocado and cheese!

This dish is also extremely popular and is called the "dinosaur egg special", ¥1,300
The dinosaur egg special is made with grilled cheese, lemon and salt for seasoning the avocado, a half-boiled egg, fried onions, black pepper and parsley.

There's no going wrong with avocado and cheese, which are in themselves delicious, but when you mix it with the umami meat, it really is delightful!


In a day, this curry shop is only open for 4 hours and a half, yet many people line-up to have their famous curry. Once you try it, you'll also understand why!
Come try this amazing ambulant curry restaurant for an interesting experience and some delicious curry.
Lili Wanderlust
I love travelling and discovering new cuisines. Japan has a panoply of local dishes to try. I also love yoga, coffee, reading, and cycling.

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