Updated: November 07, 2018
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Umami Burger In Aoyama, Tokyo: Try Their Unbelivably Tasty Burgers!


Since March of 2017, you can have the now world-famous Umami Burgers in Aoyama, Tokyo. It's been already a year since the burger shop has made its Japanese entry, and to mark the occasion, the restaurant has added three Japan-exclusive burgers to its menu.

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One of the best burger restos in Tokyo

Umami burger, originally from California, is arguably one of the best burger joints in all of Tokyo at the moment. It is so well-regarded that it was even featured in a TIME magazine article as one of the most outstanding burger restaurants in the world. Japanese people and foreign tourists alike flock to this store in Aoyama, Tokyo.

New burgers for the first year anniversary

The first Japanese location opened in March of 2017, and to mark the occasion, that Aoyama store released three new burgers that are only served in Japan, which brings the total of burgers on the menu to 11.

The picture above is one of the new additions. It is called Taste of Italy and is ¥1,680. It contains mozzarella cheese, ham, garlic, and a tomato-based sauce.
The thick meat patties are super juicy and the grain of the mean is pretty coarse. It's both meaty and tender, and above all, super juicy! What makes these burgers so awesome is also the slightly sweet bun which is made with some milk.
This is another Japan-only burger called the Umaminoko Burger (¥1,580). The meat patty is different for this one; the grain is much smaller and two thin patties are used.

Toppings for it are mushrooms and sauteed onions. There is a taste of Gorgonzola which adds some kind of special umami and makes it quite addictive.
This is the powder that makes every burger taste so great! It is a special mix that is ground in-house and used during the grilling only.
These garlic fries are ¥700. They go so well with either the burgers or some alcoholic drink!

Photogenic sweets are also on the menu!

They have a "fancy milkshake" line-up serving some of the most beautiful milkshakes there is. What's nice is that they use some very Japanese ingredients too. For instance, this one is the Goma Supreme (¥1,480), and it is made with black sesame as a base. It also has kuromistu (black sugar syrup) and kinako (soybean powder) as a topping. It's super rich, and you really taste the sesame in it! Sesame desserts are all the rage in Japan right now.


Umami Burger has a pretty sleek interior too! It's the perfect place to spend some time with friends enjoying unbelievably tasty burgers. The company plans to open a couple of locations in Japan in the next few years, in the meantime, you can enjoy it in Aoyama in central Tokyo.
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