Updated: November 07, 2018
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Tsubaki Salon: Delux Fluffy Pancakes In Ginza, Tokyo


The super fluffy pancakes at Tsubaki Salon are made of quality ingredients from Hokkaido. If you are looking for an awesome dessert in Ginza, give this cafe a try. They have savoury options as well.

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The ultimate Japanese-style souffle pancakes

Tsubaki Salon is a cafe specializing in super fluffy hotcakes (Japanese-style pancakes) that is originally from Sapporo, Hokkaido. It has recently (March, 2018) opened a new shop in Ginza, Tokyo.

The pancake menu has only two items made from quality ingredients from Hokkaido.
Tsubaki Salon has a classy authentic feel. You can easily go there alone with a book in hand or go there in good company for an afternoon chat.
The interior is really calming and grown-up oriented. There is even a grand piano in the cafe. They plan to hold special piano events at some point in the future according to the staff.

How these souffle pancakes are made

The way to make this kind of pancakes is to beat the egg whites into a meringue before mixing it with the egg yolks. They are then cooked slowly on this large iron plate.
They are cooked on both sides before the chef adds a little water to the iron plate and cooks them a little more with vapour. This last step cooks them just enough up to the center and makes them extra fluffy.
This is the Hokkaido Hotcake Premium (¥1,600). It comes with sweet anko (sweet adzuki bean paste), butter, natural sugar syrup, cheese, and whipped cream. The pancakes are so fluffy that they jiggle when you move your plate.
The ingredients used for these pancakes are flour, eggs, butter, milk, wheat starch, and natural sugar. All the ingredients are from Hokkaido and there are no additives. It's hard to believe that baking powder is not used at all to make them so thick.
You can actually hear a sound when you cut through them! The texture is a feast for the senses.
There are all kinds of toppings that you can have with them. I tried the anko (sweet bean paste) and butter. The anko paste was not too sweet and went so well with the butter.
At Tsubaki Salon, you can have not only sweets but savoury meals too. I really recommend this bolognese sauce.
The sauce doesn't come with pasta, instead, it is served as a topping for the pancakes! Give it a try if you've worked up an appetite, it is surprisingly good. The sauce is a little spicy and is on the rich side, which works well with the pancakes.

There is a natural sugar syrup that comes with it. Pour a little on it and try that. The savoury taste of the sauce with the sweetness of the syrup is pretty nice too.
The cafe also serves regional alcohols! This glass of sparkling wine is from the Takizawa Winery in Hokkaido.


These souffle pancakes are probably pancakes like you've never had before. You'll love the taste and texture. Give Tsubaki Salon in Ginza a try!
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