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GOMAYA KUKI's Fall/Winter Menu: A Sesame X Houjicha Parfait in Harajuku (Tokyo) [PR]


Only a 3-minute walk from Meiji-Jingumae Station is GOMAYA KUKI, serving the world's richest sesame ice cream. One serving has 9,000 sesame seeds! Their new menu item is the fall parfait made with sesame ice cream, chestnuts, kabocha, and houjicha jelly. It's the ultimate fall flavour parfait. Come try this delicious parfait made with rich sesame ice cream.

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The very popular rich sesame ice cream shop, GOMAYA KUKI's new fall/winter menu!

Only a 3-minute walk from Meiji-Jingumae's Station's #1 exit and at a walking distance from Harajuku Station or from Omotesando Station is GOMAYA KUKI. You can now try their new fall/winter menu.

One serving of ice cream is made with 9,000 sesame seeds and is served with chestnuts, "kabocha" (pumpkin) and "houjicha" (roasted green tea). It is the perfect autumnal combination! This fall parfait goes so well with coffee or sesame.
There is also the GOMAYA KUKI coffee red bean dessert.
The parfait could be made to-go so you can enjoy it while walking around Harajuku!

This fall/winter dessert is made with rich sesame ice cream.

The fall harvest houjicha parfait, ¥1,000 (taxes included).
The fall harvest houjicha parfait is perfect for the fall. It is made with pumpkins, chestnuts, and houjicha jelly. It's everything you want to eat in the fall and then some!
You can enjoy many different types of flavours and textures.
There are 6 types of sesame ice cream to choose from so you can customize this dessert to your liking!
GOMAYA KUKI's coffee red bean soup, ¥680 (taxes included).
This dessert is made with carefully selected single origin coffee, sesame ice cream and red bean soup. This dessert cannot really be found elsewhere and is definitely something you should try if you love adzuki!
It is made with KUKI's sesame salt, and kombu salt that both add a different twist to the dessert.

Although the coffee is slightly bitter, the taste which really sticks out is the gentleness of the sesame ice cream.
Also, the mix of temperatures makes it a very interesting dessert; the piping hot red bean soup with the cold sesame ice cream.


Only 3-minutes from Meiji-Jingumae is GOMAYA KUKI, the much talked about ice cream shop because it serves the world's richest ice cream.
The ice cream uses sesame seeds from KUKI, a company established 131 years ago.
For one scoop of ice cream, 9,000 sesame seeds are used!
Until now, it wasn't possible to enjoy sesame ice cream in such a modern cafe.
Aside from the ice cream, you can also enjoy many types of desserts made with sesame.

You can try different types of sesame ice creams and make your favourite combination

Sesame ice cream ¥500 (taxes included).
You can choose 6 types of sesame ice cream at GOMAYA KUKI.
You can enjoy the richest sesame ice cream there is. You can choose between black and white sesame seeds with varying degrees of richness and different textures.
Two ice cream scoops are ¥500, and you can choose any combination you like.

Let's try the new fall sweets at GOMAYA KUKI!

Come try this limited-time dessert which is perfect for this sweater weather!
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