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Tannosuke: Must Try Gyutan (Beef Tongue) Resto In Akihabara, Tokyo [PR]


Tannosuke, located near Akihabara Station, specializes in Gyutan, or beef tongue. Gyutan is one of the things you must try while in Japan! It is very popular among Japanese people. Give gyutan a try at Tannosuke.

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Tannosuke serves outstanding gyutan (beef tongue)

This Tannosuke restaurant is located at a 3-minute walk from Akihabara Station. It is the first location of the now famous restaurant which specializes in beef tongue, known as "gyutan" in Japan.

You can have there set meals with thick pieces of beef tongue grilled to perfection, as well as stews with beef tongue among other things.

Gyutan is an exquisite kind of cut that is very popular at yakiniku restaurants in Japan. You should try it out!

Tannosuke's signature menu item

Deluxe Beef Tongue Set Meal (特選厚切り牛たん塩定食), regular size: ¥2,350, extra meat: ¥2,890 (taxes included for both prices)
The tongues are cut in thick slices (about 1.3 cm) and are simply seasoned with salt. They use the most tender part of the tongue meat and these can be considered quite the delicacy. Many people love beef tongue for their unique texture.

Three kinds of meat to enjoy in one set

Meat Trio Set Meal (3種盛定食), regular size: ¥1,490, extra meat: ¥1,970 (taxes included for both prices)
If you want variety, you could try this popular set that has two kinds of beef tongue, and some beef "karubi" (short ribs). One kind of beef tongue is simply salted and the other is seasoned with miso. The "karubi" is really juicy and fattier than the tongue. It's nice to have a change in taste and texture. You can compare and pick your favourite cut and seasoning.

With Japanese yam

Japanese Yam Set (自然薯牛たん塩定食), small size: ¥1,700, regular size: ¥2,240 (taxes included for both prices)
The Japanese Yam Set is popular with women and the elderly. You can have it in two sizes, either small or regular. The pieces of meat are a bit less thick than for the other sets.
Japanese yam has a very nice smell and a stickiness that many Japanese people love. Give it a try if you haven't. You might really like it too. It goes particularly well with the beef tongue.

Gyutan stew that was simmered for 6 hours

Beef Tongue Stew Set (牛たんシチュー定食), ¥1,020 (taxes included).
This stew is simmered for six hours, which results in the gyutan being very tender. The demi-glace sauce is packed with umami and also vegetables of many colours.

Other cuts are also availabe aside from the gyutan

Beef Harami Teriyaki Set Meal (牛ハラミの照り焼き定食), regular size: ¥1,490, extra meat: ¥1,970 (taxes included for both prices)
Harami is a kind of tender beef cut. This one is slowly charcoal grilled and cooked teriyaki style with a special kind of sauce made in-house. The result is meat with a delectable juicy meat with a deep savoury taste. The "tare sauce" also adds a little sweetness and spiciness to it.

Lemon sour drink

The Strongest Lemon Sour (最強レモンサワー), ¥590 (taxes not included)
"Sour drinks" are shochu-based drinks that are very popular in Japan. They are basically a mix of carbonated water and shochu. The one served at Tannosuke is made with freshly pressed lemon juice. To give it even more punch, pieces of frozen lemon are added to it instead of ice cubes. This fresh-tasting drink is the perfect accompaniment to gyutan!

Tannosuke: the original gyutan specializing restaurant

You can find Tannosuke inside the Yodobashi Akiba on the 8th floor. You should stop there to refuel while exploring Akihabara!
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