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Weather In Japan In June - Essential Information

June is characterized by the rainy season or "Tsuyu". It is a transition period between spring and summer. The temperatures are generally warm and days with rainfall are more frequent.

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Weather In Japan In June

June, for most of Japan, corresponds to the rainy season called Tsuyu. The timing of Tsuyu varies based on geographical location, but the average 1 month and a half in length of it is about the same everywhere.

The more to the south you go, the earlier the Tsuyu is. The southernmost prefecture of Okinawa has a Tsuyu that is on average from early May to late June whereas the northern part of the Honshu island has a Tsuyu that starts in mid-June and ends in late July.

Hokkaido, the northernmost main island of Japan is the only region that has no Tsuyu at all.

In Tokyo and for most of Japan, the Tsuyu usually starts in early to mid-June and ends in mid to late July.
There are two important points to note about Tsuyu.

The first point is that although Tsuyu is the rainy season of Japan, it does not rain all the time. In fact, if you look at the weather data for Tokyo, you can see that in June, there are on average 12,7 days with precipitation, which means that more than half of the days, there aren't any precipitations at all. So although June is on average a relatively wetter month than the rest of the year, you might still get some spells of pretty good weather. Some Tsuyu periods are not significantly different than the rest of the summer. This brings us to the second important point about Tsuyu.

This point is that Tsuyu is very variable. Indeed, the timing and length do vary quite a bit from year to year. So although it is measured to be on average a month and a half, you may experience a Tsuyu that is significantly shorter or longer than that, with the timing of it also being quite variable. In 2018 for instance, the Tsuyu in Tokyo was a mere 23 days, about half of the average length. Meteorologists know exactly when it starts and ends by looking at the global weather systems, and the information is widely broadcasted on the news in Japan. Consult Japanese weather forecasts to get a good idea of when the Tsuyu will start and end.
Now that you have some idea about the precipitation that comes with the Tsuyu in June, you're probably wondering about the temperatures.

For the most part, June has temperatures that are warm and comfortable. The daily high is about 25 C in Tokyo, and it usually doesn't get too cold in the evening either.

As a reference, here is the average high temperature in June for some major cities in Japan from north to south.

Sapporo, Hokkaido: 21.5 C (70.7 F)
Sendai, northern Honshu: 22.3 C (72.1 F)
Tokyo, central Honshu: 25.5 C (77.9 F)
Osaka, southern Honshu: 27.8 C (82 F)
Fukuoka, Kyushu: 26.9 C (80.4 F)
Naha, Okinawa: 29.4 C (84.9 F)

Source: Japan Meteorological Agency

So essentially, the main thing you should worry about the weather in Japan is June is the rain that comes with the Tsuyu. If you plan to visit Japan in June, bringing a raincoat isn't essential as there are cheap umbrellas sold at every street corner. But bringing some water-resistant/proof footwear might be a good idea if you are planning to do a lot of walking.

Enjoy the hydrangea!

In Japan, the cherry blossoms are emblematic to the early spring, and the hydrangeas are emblematic to the June Tsuyu period. As you've noticed in these pictures, hydrangea in Japan in June can be seen in parks, along roads, railroad tracks, etc. So make sure to save some time for some hydrangea viewing if you are in Japan in June!
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