Updated: November 07, 2018
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Weather In Japan In July - Essential Information

Japan in July is the beginning of the very hot and humid summer for most places. The first part of the month also tends to be quite wet because it corresponds to the end of the rainy season. Here's all the info you need about the weather in Japan in July.

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Weather In Japan In July

The weather in Japan in July is a bit tricky to characterize since it is a transition period between the rainy season known as Tsuyu and the sweltering hot and humid summer.
Tsuyu lasts for most of Japan until around the mid-July, although it does vary from year to year. During Tsuyu, days with precipitations are more common, the humidity is high and the temperature is warm. Once the Tsuyu breaks - something that is abundantly forecasted and talked about in the news - then the "real summer" begins. Summer in Japan is hot and humid, with temperatures often rising above 30 degrees and staying pretty warm at night too. The high temperatures coupled with the high humidity makes the weather somewhat uncomfortable for mid-day activity.
On a sunny day, dress as light as you can, seek the shades and remember to stay well hydrated. Many people - especially tourists - suffer from heat fatigue and in extreme cases have heatstrokes during that period.

Of course, since Japan is a country that extends thousands of kilometres from north to south, there are some significant climatic differences from region to region.

The northern main island of Hokkaido, for instance, has no rainy season at all, and the weather in July is usually warm and nice.

For most of Honshu, Kyushu and Shikoku, however, the hot summer is as described above, the exception being the regions that are in the mountains. As a rule of thumb, the temperature decreases by 7 C for every 1,000 meters of altitude. So if you are planning to do mountain hiking or visit a picturesque village in the Japanese Alps, the temperature might be just perfect even though the cities in the valleys and plains are almost unbearably too hot and humid.

One last thing to mention is that there as many places with microclimates in Japan, a famous example being the city of Kyoto located near Osaka. Kyoto is known in Japanese as a "bonchi" which means a basin between mountains. The topography of the area traps the heat in this low lying area and makes in particularly hot in the summer.

So the best way to know how the weather is going to be like in June is to consult the climate trends specifically for an area or city.

As a reference, here is the average high temperature in July for some major cities in Japan from north to south.

Sapporo, Hokkaido: 24.9 C (76.8 F)
Sendai, northern Honshu: 25.7 C (78.3 F)
Tokyo, central Honshu: 29.2 C (84.6 F)
Osaka, southern Honshu: 31.6 C (88.9 F)
Fukuoka, Kyushu: 30.9 C (87.6 F)
Naha, Okinawa: 31.8 C (89.2 F)

Source: Japan Meteorological Agency

Special mention... the July lavender fields of Hokkaido!

A very popular place to go to Japan in July is Hokkaido because it has arguably the best weather and it is famous for its breathtaking lavender and colourful flower fields. Every season in Japan is associated with a certain flower. These lavender fields of Hokkaido are definitely emblematic of the summer in Japan!
Popular places in Hokkaido for July flower viewing are Furano and Bei. Unlike the cherry blossoms that are very ephemeral, lasting only about 10 days, the natural spectacle in Hokkaido lasts for more than a month!
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