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Maguro Mart in Nakano, Tokyo: A Very Popular Tuna Resto Where It's Nearly Impossible To Get a Reservation


Maguro Mart is a very popular tuna-specialized restaurant in Nakano, Tokyo, where it's nearly impossible to get a reservation. However, there's an easy way to get a reservation. We'll let you in on the secret. Also, we'll introduce the signature dishes to try.

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Maguro-Mart, where it's nearly impossible to get a reservation. But there's an easy way...

Maguro-Mart, a tuna specialized restaurant, is only 5-minutes away from Nakano Station.
It's nearly impossible to get a reservation over the phone here. It's just that popular.

But, there's a simple way...

-Early on a weekday!-

If you want to go, you probably have to make a reservation a month early. If you ask to go at 5 PM, you can get a reservation in 2 weeks.
So I made a reservation 2 weeks prior and went there as it opened at 5 PM.

I arrived at 5 PM and the resto was already full!
Yes! I made it!

Clamato Drink!

Maguro Mart's most popular drink, the Clamato, ¥430.
Apart from juice, you can also have this drink with beer to make a "clamato eye" or shochu to make a "clamato high."

A clamato is made from clam juice extract, tomato juice, spices. If you've never tried it, it's awesome.

The three dishes you absolutely must try!

Before you order anything, you definitely need to order this:
Vinegared rice & nori, ¥380.
Rice and tuna are the perfect fit, so before you order anything, you definitely need to start with these two items.
You can order a few for the table, or you can also order a set per person.

First: The resto's #1 dish, "unisho"

Unisho, ¥880
This was my personal favourite dish, it's "uni" (sea urchin), "ikura" & "tobiko" (flying fish roe).

The portion is quite generous and in the centre is lots of tuna!
And the uni gave the dish an exquisite taste. The best part is that the dish is reasonably priced!
You can also wrap the ingredients in the nori with some rice.
You don't need any seasonings, it's perfect as is.
The mix of textures is really amazing. This dish goes a little too well with alcohol!

Second: The tuna assortment made with 6 different tuna parts

Maguro Mart's assortment, ¥880/per person.
This dish is awesome if you want to have a tuna tasting and try different tuna parts to compare.
It comes with wasabi, salt and sesame oil.
You can also ask for a small "teppan" (iron) plate to sear the tuna by yourself. If you sear the outside just slightly, it gives a nice beautiful taste to the fresh tuna. You can also try cooking it completely, it really depends on your preference.

Third: Tuna served with the bone

Maguro served with the bone, ¥1,880 & up
The dish is surprisingly generous and has a lot of meat. One thing some people forget to do is to to turn over the piece as there is a lot of meat on the other side too!

There are many other dishes to try too!

Umehone, ¥400
This dish is made with negitoro, and plum flakes.
The texture is slightly crunchy and soft because of the tuna. It's a really nice dish.
French fries with tuna and nori sauce, ¥480
Tuna rib, ¥880
The tuna is prepared in an iron pot and is cooked for some time.
It's a lot like BBQ ribs and is served with pepper and garlic sauce.

The meat is very tender and it goes very well with mustard.


After going, I understand why it was so hard to get a reservation!
Be sure to check out Maguro Mart for some out of this world tuna dishes.
Lili Wanderlust
I love travelling and discovering new cuisines. Japan has a panoply of local dishes to try. I also love yoga, coffee, reading, and cycling.

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