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Order Sake from a Vending Machine at Tokyo Shouten in Ryogoku, Tokyo [PR]


If you're interested in sumo culture, you definitely need to stop by Ryogoku Station to wander around and take in as much as you can about this fascinating sport. At Tokyo Shouten, you can discover many types of Japanese sake and order it directly from a vending machine and drink it nearby a sumo arena!

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Tokyo Shouten (東京商店)

Tokyo Shouten is an interesting venue where you can have a uniquely Japanese experience. Can you imagine ordering your drinks directly from a vending machine? Once you choose which type of sake you would like to try, you simply place your cup in the machine, insert a few coins and voila!
You can also grab souvenirs for your loved ones, from fun Japanese goods to traditional snacks.

30 Kinds of Sake!

Ordering sake from vending machines is a very Japanese experience.
You can choose from 30 kinds of carefully selected Japanese sakes and the best part is that 9 out of them is prepared locally in Tokyo! Even better, one cup is only between ¥200-¥400!

If you don't know which one to pick, you can look at the shop's recommendations for each price point.
Also, it's quite funny to make a taste test with your friends and make them guess which one is which.
What's nice is that when the weather is cooler, you can also place your sake in the heating station to warm it at the ideal temperature. It's like a warm hug on those cold winter days.

Different Kinds of Finger Food!

It's always nice to have something to snack on while you're enjoying a nice glass of Japanese sake. My personal favourite is snacking on "senbei" (rice crackers) while enjoying some delicious sake. It's kind of like chips, but much healthier.

You can also ask for their sample set where you get to try many types of typically Japanese small dishes. The one we had was nori with wasabi, clam, a marinated egg yolk.
Another must-try dish is the dried fish cooked over a burner. It is very simple, yet the perfect "otsumami" (snack) to go with Japanese alcohol. It is a grill with a slow burner on which you can grill dried fish and dip it in mayonnaise. It is surprisingly delicious! It came with sardines, squid and ray fish.

Not Just Sake

If you have someone in the group who doesn't particularly enjoy Japanese sake, worry not, there are types of alcohol or soft drinks to choose from as well.
You can order Japanese beer and Tokyo-made soft drinks too.

We tried making the very popular "sour" drink in Japan. It is basically shochu served with different types of soft drinks, juice or tonic water.

We tried making our own "shiso sour" at our table and it was quite fun. They give you a packet of frozen shochu which you pour in your glass, you then pour the shiso soda on top of it and then you mix. You don't have to be a qualified bartender to make a tasty drink.

Bring Back a Souvenir

Why not bring a cute souvenir for your family or friends? There are many types of souvenirs to choose from and you can find something for everyone to enjoy. You can find business card holders made of tatami or something to keep your sake bottle warm in the shape of a kimono, cut-out origami books!

Apart from the goods, all of the food and alcohol is made in Tokyo!

And if there's a bottle you particularly liked from the vending machine, you can bring it back home!


Tokyo Shouten is an awesome place to stop by to try delicious Japanese sake sold directly from a vending machine. You can also try some Japanese snacks, and don't forget to bring back some souvenirs for your loved ones!
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