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Delectable New Kind Of French Toast At IVORISH, Under The Tokyo Skytree! [PR]


Ivorish is located on the 2nd floor of the Solamachi mall, at the very base of the Tokyo Skytree. It serves a new kind of French toast that anyone with a sweet tooth will fall in love with!

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Ivorish in Solamachi mall - At the very base of the Tokyo Skytree!

The Tokyo Skytree is an unmissable landmark of modern Tokyo. Impressive from afar, it looks also amazing when you see it from its base!

The base of the Skytree is where you'll find the Solamachi mall, a huge complex that you just can't miss when you get there. The mall is right next to the Tokyo Skytree Station and the Oshiage (SKYTREE) Station.

Ivorish, Solamachi Store

For all of you dessert fans, when you visit that area, you should definitely stop by Ivorish, located on the second floor of Solamachi in the sweets corner. The popular shop offers a new kind of French toast that is served cool, packed with fruits or other various toppings, and inside a container. They are essentially a take-out version of the dessert that was already a massive hit in other Ivorish cafes in Tokyo.

New take on French toast

Ivorish's French toast is not at all the classic dessert that you'd expect! In fact, they have the peculiarity of being sold in containers and of being best enjoyed cool. Rather than French toast, I'd describe them as a sort of dense mix of French toast pieces and pudding. And boy are they rich and delicious! It's a new take on a classic dessert that will surely surprise you and stimulate your taste buds!

They serve three types of French toast containers: the standard, the rare cheese and blueberry, and a seasonal special. You can also get some French toast cookies that make great gifts for your friends back home.

Eating in Solamachi on a public terrace

The containers are served chilled at just the right temperature. They come in a special bag with isolation so they stay fresh for up to three hours. Ivorish in Solamachi is a take-out only shop, but there are plenty of public spaces with tables where you can enjoy the treat! So that's just what I did when I got mine. I found a nice terrace outside that was just the perfect spot.
The French toast containers come in either small or regular format. I ordered the Blueberry and Raw Cheese Container in the small size and the Standard Container in the regular size. I also tried their French Toast Cookies. Go big or go home, right?
This is how the two compare! You can't really tell by just a picture, but believe these are really quite heavy and really hearty! You can easily share a small one between two or three people.

Standard Container

Container, regular size: ¥2,400 (taxes not included)
This one is simply called the "Container". You can see inside some large pieces of French toast protruding, but they are largely covered by a nice amount of berries that include strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries. Very tantalizing indeed! You can easily share this one between four or more people.
Dig in and this is what you get! Apparently, the bread for the French toast pieces is made in-house. It is super smooth and blends so well with the other ingredients. The pudding part has a custard-like texture that is satisfyingly rich and sweet. The sweetness is not too overpowering, so you taste the natural flavours of the berries. The balance of acidity, sweetness and creaminess is spot on.

Rare Cheese and Blueberry Container

Rare Cheese and Blueberry, mini-size: ¥1,200 (taxes not included)
I also tried this Rare Cheese and Blueberry Container, which was almost too cute to eat. Look at those little puffs of rare cheese! This is the "mini-size".
This one was like a cross between a fluffy cheesecake and French toast. There are a few blueberries as a decorative topping on the rare cheese and also plenty that are mixed in with the French toast. The sweet and sour combination was just heavenly!

French Toast Cookies

French Toast Cookies, 16 cookies: ¥1,900 (taxes not included)
This is another one of Ivorish's signature products - and also another take on French toast! The French Toast Cookies have an outer crust that is surprisingly crispy. They have a kind of irresistible buttery fragrance coupled with a taste of caramelized maple syrup.

These cookies are sold in boxes of either 8 or 16. They make great gifts to bring back home!


Ivorish in Solamachi serves its own little kind of French toast that is quite awesome. I highly recommend you have it on an outside terrace in good company if the weather permits. If you visit Tokyo, going to this area to see the Tokyo Skytree from up close is a must-do. So while you do that, make sure to check out Ivorish!
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