Updated: November 07, 2018
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Mont-Saint-Michel Omelettes at Bistro Tama in Futakotamagawa (Tokyo)


You can have the famously fluffy Mont Saint-Michel omelettes at Bistro Tama. The "omurice" (omelette and rice) is super soft thanks to the eggs and there is a juicy Hamburg steak on top!

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Mont-Saint-Michel omelettes at Bistro Tama

It's rather rare to find Mont-Saint-Michel omelettes in Japan. We had an "omurice" adaption of the Mont-Saint-Michel omelette, which is a fluffy omelette over seasoned rice. We headed to Bistro Tama in Futakotamagawa, Tokyo.

Mont-Saint-Michel's famous omelettes were created to pep up the worshippers

Mont-Saint-Michel's famous omelette was invented for the pilgrims who came to visit the Monastery. The souffle-like omelette is different from a usual omelette as it is much fluffier and also much more beautiful. It was the perfect dish to pep up the worshippers.

The #1 dish here: the Demi-Glace Hamburg Steak Omurice

This is the most popular dish on the menu: Demi-Glace Hamburg Steak Omurice, ¥1,850 as a set & ¥1,550 for the dish.
This is a unique dish available only at Bistro Tama, the Mont-Saint-Michel Omurice + Hamburg steak.
The dish is served in an iron plate so when it is presented to you, you can hear the sound of it sizzling. It's a very impressive dish!

Melt in your mouth soft omelette

It really feels as though you're scooping cream, it's just that fluffy! Underneath that is chicken rice.
As soon as you put it in your mouth, it will melt. The eggs give a slightly sweet taste, it's really divine.

More than omurice, it's a lot more like a souffle!

Umami-filled Hamburg steak

The Hamburg steak is juicy and umami-filled! The fluffiness of the eggs, the umami of the meat and the demi-glace sauce complement each other so well!

Although it is a generous portion, it is rather light and you won't have a problem finishing it.

The #2 most popular dish: Shrimp American Sauce Omurice

The second most popular dish: The Shrimp American Sauce Omurice, ¥1,750 for a set & ¥1,450 for the dish alone.
"American sauce" is a type of sauce used in French cuisine. It consists of boiled shrimp shells, which gives the sauce a slightly sweet and deep taste.
Although it looks very rich, the after-taste is rather light.
The sauce has a strong shrimp taste which makes the dish addictively delicious.
And the crispy rice at the bottom accentuates the taste and adds a nice texture.

+¥300 you get salad, a drink and a mini dessert!

On the omurice menu, everything can be turned into a set for ¥300 more.
The set includes a drink, salad, soup and dessert! That's quite a good deal.
Bistro TAMA makes their home-made Baumkuchen cake, which is a type of German cake made to resemble tree rings.
The resto's version is gluten-free and is also sold as a whole cake if you'd like to bring it back as a souvenir or a gift for friends.


These delicious Mont-Saint-Michel style omelettes over rice are simply delicious and also quite impressive. It's a new twist on the classic dish, be sure to try it out for yourself.
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