Updated: March 05, 2020
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12 restaurants for the most romantic dinner date in Shibuya


Want to spend a romantic night with your special someone? Let me help you! I will introduce the best restaurants that are perfect for a dinner date, with characteristics such as having a nice atmosphere, terrace seats or beautiful night views. Enjoy your lovely date!

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A Pool-Side Terrace Restaurant: 347 Cafe

This beautiful pool-side terrace restaurant is located only 4 minutes away from Shibuya station. It is on the 3rd floor of a building called cocoti, and you will completely forget that you are in Shibuya.
They have tartine with fresh vegetables, seafood and meat, but also pasta, and some grilled meat if you wish. There are also dinner courses with an all-you-can-drink sparkling wine course set. Your date will definitely be thrilled to have a pool-side dinner with you.

A Beautiful View of Mt. Fuji From The Rooftop Terrace: sumile TOKYO

Sumile TOKYO is an Italian restaurant located 10 minutes away from Shibuya station. It is on the 9th floor of EDGE building. If you are lucky enough, you can enjoy a beautiful view of Mount Fuji from the rooftop terrace!
They use freshly imported vegetables grown in Japan, and also puts an effort in serving healthy, but tasty food. They also have dinner courses priced from ¥4,000~¥6,700, as well as a la carte dishes to enjoy their homemade pasta and grilled meat.

A Special Private Seat With A Beautiful Night View: The Legian Tokyo

The Legian Tokyo is located 5 minutes away from Shibuya Station and is on the 12F of Cocoti Building. They have anniversary seats, private seats, and lounging sofa seats and you can peacefully enjoy the beautiful Tokyo night view.
There are two dinner courses, either ¥8,000 or ¥10,000 each, but both courses consist of amuse, cold appetizer, warm appetizer, tableside risotto, fish, meat, dessert, and a second dessert of crepe chouette. The atmosphere and the quality of the meal definitely makes the price worth it!

A View of Skytree And Tokyo Tower?!: Legato

Legato is located 10 minutes away from Shibuya Station and is on the 15th floor of Space Tower. You can enjoy a beautiful night view of Tokyo and will be able to see both the Skytree tower and Tokyo Tower from here.
They have many types of dinner courses varying in price and portion, but also a great variety in their a la carte dishes. They have small appetizers, pizza, pasta, grilled meat, and of course dessert. And to go with your meal, you can order great cocktails, beers and wine!

Enjoy Your Dinner While Listening To A Live Performance: eplus Living Room Cafe & Dining

This restaurant is located 3 minutes away from Shibuya station. It is on the 5F of Prime Building. They have different areas in the restaurant, and you can enjoy listening to live performances in the patio area.
They have dinner courses to enjoy several tastes, but they also have pasta, grilled meat, ahijo and other dishes in the a la carte menu. Listening to live music while enjoying your meal will definitely make it a special night.

Only Possible In Japan! A Luxurious Sushi Dinner Date: Kurosaki

Kurosaki is a sushi restaurant located 7 minutes away from Shibuya station. The calm and classy atmosphere is perfect for a date!
You can also enjoy watching the sushi chef make your sushi right in front of you! They use the most fresh and delicious sushi of the season, so you can have one of the best sushi in Tokyo! Make sure you reserve beforehand, and also as it is VERY pricy, make sure you do not mind the price.

Skewered meat (kushiyaki) in a fancy atmosphere: Sagoemon Bettei

More often than not, grilled meat on skewers are served at pretty cheap and rowdy izakayas, but Sagoemon has more of a dining bar kind of atmosphere, which can work pretty well for a date. The prices are really good too. You can have full courses that include an all-you-can-drink option for just ¥3,500.

Original foods from southern Japan everyone loves at Goryonsan - Shibuya

This is also a fun, relatively cheap izakaya that's could be used for a date. The specialty here is also skewers but they're an original kind consisting of slices of pork wrapped around vegetables. A good choice is also their nabe (hotpots) that are served to you on a burner at your table. This is a specialty from Fukuoka that many Japanese people love.

Feel like in you're a traditional Kyoto house at Yannahare

Yannahare is really cheap izakaya with courses from ¥3,500 that even include free-flowing alcoholic drinks. The food is standard, reliably satisfying Japanese-style izakaya food, but you go there mainly for the atmosphere. The interior is traditional Japanese with warm lighting and horigotatsu low tables so you feel like in some kind of old Kyoto house. It's a good choice for a laid-back, relaxing evening.

Spanish dining bars are all the rage in Tokyo and this is a good one: Tsubakido Baru

This is a Spanish dining bar with nice affordable evening courses (below ¥5,000) that include free-flowing alcohol. They're particular about their wines so they have a good selection. Also, if you choose the all-you-can-drink option, note that it lasts for 2.5 hours, which is a little longer than the typical 1.5 to 2 hours at other restaurants.

Good vibes and good Italian cuisine without breaking the bank: ajito luxe

This is an Italian restaurant with a warm pleasant atmosphere. You can order a la carte main dishes like pizzas and pasta dishes for about ¥1,500, and appetizers and side dishes are about ¥600. They have a pretty good cocktail selection, and if you go for wine, you can enjoy anything ranging in price from ¥4,000 a bottle to ¥35,000.


This article introduced the most luxurious and beautiful restaurants in Shibuya that is most fitted for a classy date night! I hope you have a great dining experience at these restaurant with your date. Enjoy!

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