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In Shibuya, Tokyo at Wagyu Otoko Cowboy, You Can Have The Freshest Meat Sashimi! [PR]


Wagyu Otoko Cowboy (COWBOY〜和牛男~) is located at only a 3-minute walk from Shibuya Station. You can enjoy different dishes made from carefully selected Japanese meat. You can try incredibly fresh beef, chicken and horse meat sashimi. Their most famous dish is an assortment of meat served on a staircase-like plate.

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Enjoy incredibly fresh meat sashimi!

Wagyu Otoko Cowboy is only a 3-minute walk from Shibuya Station. They specialize in serving incredibly fresh Japanese meat sashimi. They serve different kinds of superbly fresh meat, such as Wagyu, free-range chicken and horse meat.

Try all the types of meat sashimi with this stunning assortment

5 Types of Meat Assortment, ¥2,500 (not including taxes).
A lot of customers order this dish as it is both beautiful and delicious. The dish is served on a staircase-like platter which makes it even more impressive.
It says that it comes with 5 different kinds of meat, but actually, it comes with 7!
You can try and compare many different kinds of meat sashimi.

Wagyu X Uni! An extravagantly delicious dish

Wagyu & Uni Roll, ¥1,280 (not including taxes).
This roll is made with seasonal vegetables and wrapped in Wagyu, and finally, there is a generous amount of "uni" (sea urchin) on top.
The sweetness and umami of the meat mixed with the richness of the uni make for a really incredible dish!
You can adjust the taste with soy sauce and condiments too.

Crispy on the outside & juicy on the inside! This is a must-try!

Wagyu Sirloin Rare Cuts, ¥1,380 (taxes not included).
The Wagyu sirloin dish is called "rare cuts" and it is medium rare cooked beef.
The meat is crunchy on the outside, and on the inside, the meat is juicy and full of umami.
You can add some rock salt to deepen the taste of the wagyu.

The seared sirloin in-store aged meat is divine!

Aged Sirloin Grilled Stea, 100g ¥1,580/ 200g ¥3,000/ 300g ¥4,500 (all do not include taxes).
The Wagyu sirloin steak is aged in-store for a week. The sirloin is so perfectly tender and the marbling is beautiful.
With meat that tender and with that much umami, this dish is also a must-try!

The Wagyu one-bite sukiyaki is light and perfect if you have a small appetite

The One-Bite Sukiyaki, ¥1,280 (not including taxes).
If you would like to try many different types of dishes, the Wagyu sukiyaki is quite perfect!
The sweet and spicy sauce is so delicious and you can eat it in one bite.
The sauce and the meat's umami go so perfectly well together.

Perfect for a get-together, the course is amazing and also includes the sashimi assortment

"Take" Course, ¥4,500 (taxes not included).
This course is perfect for a night out with coworkers and friends.
Since the course is all-you-can-drink, it's great for a night of celebrating and also it's easier to split the bill!
You should definitely try the chicken sashimi, the Wagyu and tomato stew, and many more!

Check out the course below!

["Take" Course]

The course comes with 8 dishes & an all-you-can-drink course
¥4,500 (excluding taxes)
-Daily entree
-Meat and potato salad bruschetta
-Wagyu and uni roll
-Free range chicken sashimi, horse sashimi and a roast beef assortment
-Black cattle Wagyu roast steak
-Wagyu and tomato stew
-Wagyu and spring onion roll
-Daily dessert

*Depending on availabilities the course may change.


When you have a chance, you should definitely try these delicious meat sashimi dishes made from the freshest Japanese meat.
The restaurant has a warm and casual atmosphere and is perfect for a girl's night out, for a night out with friends or a company outing.
If you're a meat-lover, Cowboy is a must-try!
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