Updated: November 07, 2018
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Must Eat Foods In Otaru! Best Restaurants Serving Local Specialties


Looking for a real taste of Otaru? If so this list of 5 restaurants is for you. It includes some of the best places for seafood, ramen and sweets among other things!

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Double Fromage cake
Hokkaido is pretty famous for its sweets, especially those made of cheese, milk or cream. It's because Hokkaido is the dairy land of Japan, so you generally won't go wrong with anything that is dairy based. If you are in Otaru, the place to go for these dairy-based sweets is Le TAO. It has some of the most amazing cakes you can find there. The line-up includes a cheesecake, a chocolate cake, cheese cookies, and rich creamy puddings among other delightful treats!

Le TAO now has a couple of locations but I recommend you go to the original branch because of its good location in downtown Otaru and because it is in a beautiful historical building.


Of course, if you visit Hokkaido, you have to have seafood and lots of it! If you love sushi, a place you must go to in Otaru is Masazushi. It serves excellent quality sushi but the price is still reasonable. Expect to pay around ¥4,000 for an outstanding meal. You can order a la carte, but I'd recommend to just have one of their courses which includes a variety of the season's best catches as a sushi neta (toppings).

The restaurant is at about a 10-minute walk from the Otaru Station.


Naruto is a restaurant of long standing in Otaru. It serves chicken dishes that are out of this world and are really quite cheap. You can get a set meal with half a chicken for just ¥1,200. It comes with rice, pickles, tofu, and a wakame soup. As for the chicken, it is deep-fried so the skin is really crispy while the inside is tender and juicy. The restaurant has 270 seats and it often gets jam-packed. You'll understand why when you try their chicken.

Located at a 5-minute walk from the Otaru Station.

Ramen Shodai

If you want to eat amazing ramen in an impossibly quaint restaurant that was actually formerly a warehouse, then you should head to Ramen Shodai. Hokkaido ramen has the well-earned reputation of being the best in Japan, and this place serves what many consider to be the best in Otaru. If you want the classic Hokkaido ramen, go for the Miso Ramen. But actually, Shotai's signature dish is the Shoyu (soy based) Ramen. They have one that is made with black soy sauce and another one - a rare kind - that is made with a white tamari soy sauce.

Another thing that is famous here is the onigiri rice balls that you can get as a side dish.

This ramen joint is near the Minami Otaru Station.

Aotsuka Shokudo

Whether you fancy your seafood grilled or raw, Aotsuka Shokudo is definitely a place that is worth the go for some superb seafood items. The kaisendon (seafood bowl) is a very popular choice that you won't regret if you like sashimi. The other popular choice is the grilled fish set. You can actually the see the fish being grilled in the open air in front of the restaurant! People report paying on average around ¥2,000 for a meal there.

The restaurant is located near the Otaru Aquarium near the sea, so definitely make it part of your itinerary if you were planning to visit the aquarium.

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