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For Taiwanese Mazesoba In Tokyo, Head To Menya Haruka in Harajuku! [PR]


Only 30 seconds from Meiji-Jingumae Station, you will find Taiwanese mazesoba, Menya Haruka. This restaurant, a branch of Nagoya's grand prix winner, Menya Hanabi, finally made its way to Harajuku! Menya Haruka is famous due to its super meaty mazesoba bowls! You can try it for ¥500!

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Only 30 seconds from Meiji-Jingumae is Menya Haruka, a branch of Menya Hanabi

Only 30 seconds away from Meiji-Jingumae, you will find Menya Haruka.
This restaurant is a branch of Nagoya's Menya Hanabi, which happened to win Nagoya's 2013 grand prix in the food contest!

This resto does not serve traditional mazesoba, but mazesoba made with fatty chashu and whichever topping you choose!
If you want to have delicious Taiwanese mazesoba, be sure to stop by here!

You have to try this mazesoba dish!

The original mazesoba, regular size ¥850/ large ¥950 (taxes included).
This is the restaurant's most popular dish!
Every ingredient is prepared with the uttermost care; the noodles are made with whole wheat at Sapporo's noodle-making shop, the "negi" (green onion) and nori are imported from Kyoto, etc.

The minced meat is spicy and well-seasoned. And the negi, as well as the chive, add a nice accent to the mazesoba. Just the smell is sure to whet your appetite.
The rule to eating mazesoba correctly is to mix it while it's hot!
What makes this mazesoba so delicious you might ask? Their secret sauce, their chewy noodles and when all the ingredients are mixed together you can taste the umami of each of them in your mouth.
When you're done with the noodles and some of the ingredients are left over, you can order some rice for free to make it a Taiwanese-style risotto.
They will bring you some white rice that you can mix in the remaining ingredients and the combination is awesome!
Whenever you eat mazesoba, you'll always have some meat and vegetables with sauce leftover, so this is the tastiest way to finish up your plate.

Try the kombu vinegar for a change of taste!

You normally wouldn't find "kombu" (kelp) with mazesoba.
It is made with fermented kombu and chilli pepper and is used to adjust the taste of the mazesoba. It's actually not spicy, but slightly sour so you can add it if you find the mazesoba to be too spicy.

So many toppings to choose from!

DX Taiwan Mazesoba, ¥1,170.
At Menya Haruka, you're bound to be impressed by the enormous quantity of toppings!
DX Taiwan Mazesoba is a definite must-try! It is packed with toppings, such as thick chashu (pork), nori, chives, boiled egg, etc. They put together all their recommended ingredients together in one dish!
This is their menu and you can add on any topping you like to your mazesoba!

More than just mazesoba, "Kimista" is a dish for meat lovers

Kimsta, medium ¥950/ large ¥1,080.
This bowl is made with vegetables, green onions, mizuna, and lots of chashu! If you're a meat-lover, this dish is a must-try!

Even if you don't like spicy food, you'll still really enjoy this dish!
The combination of the meat's umami and the egg yolk is perfect!

Toroniku Mazesoba is dangerously addictive

Toroniku mazesoba is made with thick pieces of chashu. You just can't get enough of it!
The pork is incredibly tender as it has been simmered for 6 hours.
It is made with fatty pork, onions and vegetables so it is surprisingly not so heavy!
If you packed an appetite, be sure to try this dish!
At Menya Haruka, only from 4-6 PM, you can enjoy their mazesoba for ¥500! With only one coin, you can have a full and delicious meal!

If you're a student, you'll love this!

If you're a student, you'll be really excited to know that if you show your student ID, they'll up your noodle portion for free!!! Normally you would get 200g of noodles, but they'll increase the portion to 300g just for showing your student ID. That's something more to like!


We introduced in this article Menya Haruka in Meiji-Jingumae. It is a branch of Nagoya's super popular Menya Hanabi.
You can enjoy the mazesoba, as well as many other delicious meat dishes made with chashu.
You definitely need to try this restaurant for yourself!
Food news and dining guides for Japan! We bring you some of most beautiful moments happening around restaurants in Japan.

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