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Succulent Gyutan (Beef Tongue) At Tannosuke In Yokohama! [PR]


At just a 3-minute walk from Yokohama Station, you will find the Yodobashi Yokohama branch of Tannosuke. They serve thick gyutans (beef tongue) grilled yakiniku style. You can have a set meal of selected 13mm thick gyutan and other great options. Give these umami-filled gyutans a try!

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Tannosuke: from the same company that gave us the popular Yakiniku Toraji

Tannosuke, the Yodobashi Yokohama branch, is conveniently located at a 3-minute walk from the Yokohama Station. The gyutan-specializing restaurant is produced by the popular Yakiniku restaurant chain Yakiniku Toraji.

The signature gyutan and yam set meal

Gyutan and Yam Set (4 slices of meat): ¥1,580, extra meat: ¥1,880 (taxes not included for both prices)
This popular set comes with grated Japanese yam called "tororo" and four 8mm thick slices of Tannosuke's famous gyutans.

Japanese grated yam is really healthy, which makes this set very popular with women especially.
The yam that comes from Shizuoka Prefecture is made daily. It has a really nice fresh fragrance and a sticky texture that is really special. You eat this tororo by pouring it over your bowl of barley rice.

Plump and juicy 13 mm slices!

Thickly Sliced Selected Gyutan Set: ¥2,180, extra meat: ¥2,760 (taxes not included for both prices)
These slices are 13 mm thick and are selected cuts from the best part of the tongue. They yakiniku-style grilling makes them nicely cooked from the outside and plump and juicy on the inside, and the smell is sure to wake your appetite!
The seasoning is made seaweed salt which adds a slightly sweet dimension to the taste as well. The gyutan is salted the day before so that umami of the meat reaches its highest level.

Tender harami teriyaki set

Harami Teriyaki Set: ¥1,380, extra meat: ¥1,780 (taxes not included for both prices)
At Tannosuke, you can also enjoy other meat cuts aside from their gyutan. The above set is made from aged beef harami (tender part) and is charcoal grilled. With the homemade "shoyu tare" (soy-based sauce) poured over it, the taste is really similar to a teriyaki dish. The meat has a deep savouriness and is really tender too.

A set with 3 kinds of meat

Meat Trio Set Meal: ¥1,380, extra meat: ¥1,780 (taxes not included for both prices)
If you want variety, you could try this popular set that has two kinds of beef tongue (one seasoned with miso and the other with salt), and some beef "karubi" (short ribs). Each kind of meat has two slices. The karubi is really juicy and fattier than the tongue. The miso used for the miso gyutan is very fragrant and the salted gyutan is simply the irresistible standard that you must try. If you want variety, this is the set for you.

Rich gyutan stew

Gyutan Stew Set Meal: ¥1,180 (taxes not included)
The Gyutan Stew Set Meal is another popular choice at Tannosuke. The stew is simmered for six hours, which results in the gyutan being very tender. The demi-glace sauce is packed with delicious umami.

Lemon sour drink

The Strongest Lemon Sour, ¥590 (taxes not included)
"Sour drinks" are shochu-based drinks that are very popular in Japan. They are basically a mix of carbonated water and shochu. The one served at Tannosuke is made with freshly pressed lemon juice. To give it even more punch, pieces of frozen lemon are added to it instead of ice cubes. This fresh-tasting drink is the perfect accompaniment to gyutan!


Tannosuke in Yokohama has a nice clean interior. The wood and the lighting makes it warm and homey too. It's an ideal place to have a nice meal with friends or family. There are counter seats so many people casually go there alone as well.

For some really good gyutan at a reasonable price, give Tannosuke in Yokohama a try!
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