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SAMA in Harajuku, Tokyo, Serves The Much-Talked-About Hokkaido Soup Curry! [PR]


SAMA is right at the exit of Harajuku's famous Takeshita street. SAMA is originally from Hokkaido, but there are also branches abroad, and of course, in Harajuku. There are many different curry flavours to try, as well as the Harajuku-limited menu item: the Frankfurt sausage curry.

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You can enjoy Sapporo's delicious soup curry at SAMA's Meiji-Jingumae store

Only 4 minutes from Meiji-Jingumae Station and 6 minutes from Harajuku Station, at the exit of Takeshita Street, you will find SAMA's Meiji-Jingumae branch.
This resto is specialized in Hokkaido's famous soup curry. It's popular in Hokkaido of course, but also abroad. The first branch to have opened in Tokyo was in Shimokitazawa, and the following is here in Harajuku!

If you want to try authentic Hokkaido curry, be sure to stop by here for lunch or dinner!

When it comes to curry, there's an infinite number of possibilities. Add the ingredients and spiciness you like!

One of the great points of eating at SAMA is that you can adapt the curry exactly to your liking!
First, you can choose between a tomato soup, a coconut soup, a shrimp broth, etc. After choosing your base, you can add whatever topping you like and adjust the spiciness.
There is a countless number of possibilities so you can come back and always enjoy something new.

The most popular dish: Chicken Vegetable Curry

Chicken Vegetable Curry, ¥1,250 (not including taxes).
At other branches too, this is the most popular menu item: the chicken vegetable curry.
It is filled with vegetables, 11 different kinds to be exact! The secret to the soup's deliciousness is that the vegetables are cooked differently and it is made with secret spices.
For example, the potatoes are steamed, the eggplant and okra are fried, and the carrots are boiled. And the chicken is cooked in a pressure cooker to make it particularly tender.

Dishes you can only find at Meiji-Jingumae's resto

At SAMA in Meiji-Jingumae, you can, of course, enjoy their classic dish, but you can also enjoy some dishes only available at this branch! That's something else to love, right!
You can also get some alcohol that pairs well with the dishes. You can have generous portions of curry that are sure to make you full and you can also enjoy some Meiji-Jingumae limited menu items!

Colorful Vegetables, Double Cheese & Chicken Cartilage Curry

Colorful Vegetables, Double Cheese & Chicken Cartilage Curry, ¥1,250 (excluding taxes).
For those who enjoy snacks while drinking, this curry bowl is perfect!
It's made with a generous portion of deep-fried chicken cartilage, tomatoes, baby corn, etc. It's made with 9 kinds of vegetables, eggs and two types of cheese. It's superb.

The crunchy texture goes so well with the soup, and even better with a glass of something.
The cheese and the tomato soup are really a match made in heaven!

This is an impressive dish! Frankfurt and Scorched Cheese & Cabbage Curry

Frankfurt and Scorched Cheese & Cabbage Curry, ¥1,300 (taxes not included)
This is probably the most impressive menu item, it's also the most filling one!
It's made with a Frankfurt sausage served on a bone, 10 kinds of vegetables, herbs, scorched cheese and quail eggs. The portion is more than satisfying.

The first thing you'll notice when we serve you this dish is the huge Frankfurt sausage. It goes so well with the cabbage and cheese, you'll be able to taste the natural sweetness of the ingredients.

This creamy and delicious soup is made with shrimp broth!

Coriander & Boiled Gyoza Curry!

Coriander & Boiled Gyoza Curry, ¥1,300 (taxes not included).
You wouldn't think of this unique combination when you think of soup curry, but it works really well!
It's made with boiled gyozas filled with minced meat and coriander!
There are also 9 types of vegetables inside, boiled gyozas, coriander, quail eggs, etc. If you love coriander, this dish is made for you!
And it's made with a coconut soup base so it really is a completely unique dish. All the ingredients come together so well, so after tasting it, you'll have an "aha" moment!

The set is also good value!

-Plain: ¥400 alone or ¥250 as part of a set
-Fruit Lassi: ¥500 alone or ¥ 300 as part of a set (both do not include taxes).
Is there anything better than a lassi drink with curry??
At SAMA, you can get a reasonably priced lassi as a set with your curry.
The syrupy yet light taste is perfectly complementary with any kind of curry!

If you want to try Sapporo's famous soup curry, you should check out SAMA in Meiji-Jingumae

In this article, we introduced Sapporo's very famous soup curry which can now be also found in Meiji-Jingumae. What's great is that you can taste the authentic soup curry and adapt it to your liking!

If it's your birthday, you get a free topping! So be sure to go on your birthday too for some awesome curry!
*You need to show some ID.
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