Updated: November 06, 2018
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5 Unbelievably Delicious Teppanyaki Restaurants In Tokyo!


Looking for the best Teppanyaki in Tokyo, if not the world? Here are THE 3 best places for Teppanyaki in Tokyo for budgets over 20,000 yen! Expect high-end and high-quality, these restaurants offer nothing but the best! This a style of Japanese cuisine that is sure to impress anyone!

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Ukaitei Ginza (銀座 うかい亭)

Nothing but the best from Ukaitei Ginza! Offering a range of items as part of a course-style menu, you'll get to taste dishes using only high-end ingredients. It's all about courses here so expect to pay around 20,000 yen and you'll get the best of the best Tokyo has to offer in terms of Teppanyaki.
Perfect for celebrations or special occasions Ukaitei's chefs serve up delicate and refined dishes which are hard to find anywhere else. Located just a 3-minute walk from Higashi Ginza station, you'll find Ukatei Ginza, one of the best teppanyaki restos in Tokyo.
Apart from the amazing teppanyaki, you and your date are bound to be impressed by the stunning view and elegant interior Ukatei Ginza has to offer.
Indulgent, perfectly seared wagyu (Japanese) beef is the star of a night at Ukaitei Ginza!
Chefs here have years of training in superbly curating the most colourful plate you'll see in a long time.
Don't forget to leave room for dessert. Try the caramel pudding to finish off an impeccable meal!

Sagagyu Kira Ginza 佐賀牛 季楽 銀座

From the moment you walk up to Sagagyu Kira Ginza and you see the name etched in stone, you get this feeling that this place is an institution. The architecture and interior design are just as well designed as their food - and that's no joke! Their menu is exquisite and the carefully constructed dishes are something of the future. Prepare to be amazed by this out-of-this-world teppanyaki restaurant!
Just a few minutes walk to the northwest after you exit Ginza station, you'll be glad you came. With appetizers that are masterfully put together using balance and colours, this teppanyaki course leaves no one indifferent! Course prices start at around 20,000 yen.
Dessert you may think... yet this is one of their signature starters that accompany its course meal.
The main event of Sagagyu Kira is the show the master Chefs put on for you... right at your table. Simple, yet stylish, chefs produce some of the best wagyu in Tokyo.
Skillfully grilled to perfection, you'll be salivating from the moment it hits the hot plate.
Although you may not think teppanyaki restaurants are where it's at in terms of desserts. Dessert is in a new category of its own here too. Ambitiously and inventively created desserts leave a definite long-lasting impression on you.

Okahan 岡半本店

Okahan offers fine-dining teppanyaki in a relaxed atmosphere anyone can enjoy. About a 7-minute walk from Ginza station, Okahan is very popular with locals and international visitors alike. Prices start at around 20,000 yen. Worth every penny for an incredible teppanyaki dining experience in Tokyo!

Courses come with a variety of small plates as starters, meat of your choice, rice or noodles. You can also add another 100g of meat for around 11,000 yen.
Chefs prepare the meal right in front of you which offers great entertainment for the evening if you've never been to a teppanyaki restaurant (still very exciting if you've been). Kick off your meal with an original cocktail and the perfect appetizer and you're bound to have a fabulous evening.
Beautifully mixed matcha tea is the perfect accompaniment. As matcha is rather bitter, a small candy to cancel out the tea's sharpness is suggested.
Just look at that marbling! This is how you can judge the quality of wagyu beef for Japanese standards. The marbling is the best indicator that it's top-notch, also it gives a slight sweetness to the meat that slowly comes out when you grill it on the teppan grill.
Watch on as the marbled beef gets a perfect sear by the trained chef. That sizzle though...
It really makes for a multi-sensorial experience because as soon as you hear the meat being seared on the pan, it is bound to make you salivate. Pavlovian much?
And to finish off a tremendous meal you have beautifully plated and sublime desserts! These desserts are delicate and perfect to end a teppanyaki meal on a beautiful note.

Teppanyaki Nakamura 鉄板焼 中むら

It's hard to get any better that than when the chef shows you the awards of his ingredients that he'll use for making your meal. That's what you get at this famous teppanyaki address in the lovely district of Kagurazaka.
You can get served the Kobe beef as part of courses but the place specializes in all kinds of teppanyaki cuisine, including seafood and vegetables.
The restaurant has a very simple classy interior with two tables for and a couple of counter seats from which you can see the chef cooking the dishes on the large iron plate.

Bifteck Kawamura ビフテキのカワムラ

Finally, a high-end restaurant that is relatively available has made this list! Bifteck Kawamura in Ginza is a much more laid back resto that specializes precisely in Kobe beef.
What's so great about this place is that you can have lunch-time sets with the famous beef that start at around ¥5,000. The quality is still outstanding and you get a true teppanyaki experience as well, which explains why this place is so popular and was even featured in overseas media outlets.
If you want a more luxurious experience, you can also go for the dinner course, which is about from ¥15,000 to ¥25,000.


Choosing a teppanyaki restaurant in Tokyo might seem like a tedious task as there is an overwhelming number of restaurants to choose from. However, we narrowed down the list to the top 3. Please enjoy a wonderful Japanese teppanyaki dining experience. There's no going wrong with any of these three scrumptious teppanyaki restos.

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