Updated: November 19, 2018
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3 Insane Food Challenges In Tokyo


3 kg of katsudon, 2.5 kg of curry, and 1.5 kg of gyoza. Finish your meal in a set time and it's free! Are you up for the challenge?

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Fujiyama Dragon Curry (Akihabara)

Fujiyama Dragon is a famous curry house in Akihabara known for its rich curries with a more than generous amount of deep-fried toppings (karaage, tonkatsu, etc.). The regular dishes are about ¥800 to ¥1,300, but if you're up to the challenge, you can try the 2.5kg plate! It's called the Mega Curry 2500 and you can have it for free if you eat it in less than 20 minutes.
Here's food fighter Momoko Otsuka accepting the challenge!

Even if you fail, the Mega Curry 2500 is not that expensive at ¥1,980. If you aren't prone to upset stomachs, this might be a very fun challenge to take!

Yataiya Hakata Gekijo (Kinshicho)

At Yataiya Hakata Gekijo, you can try the 60 minutes 100 gyoza challenge. It is served to you in a huge iron bowl and the total weight of the gyozas is 1.5 kg. There is a risk of taking this challenge because if you fail, it will cost you ¥4,960.

Katsu Sato (Roppongi)

At this chain restaurant with a location in Roppongi, the challenge is to eat a humongous bowl of katsudon (deep-fried pork cutlets over rice) that is topped with eggs too. The bowl weighs a whopping 3 kg, which is a portion for six people. Finish it in 30 minutes and it's yours for free. If you fail, it will cost you ¥2,700.
The normal miso pork cutlets are only ¥500. This black miso is a specialty from Nagoya. Give it a try!

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