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All-You-Can-Eat Shabu Shabu in Tokyo!


Shabu Shabu is a staple dish in Japan. It's everything you could want or need: thinly sliced meat in a delicious broth, lots of vegetables; its fresh, filling and healthy. What more can you possible hope for! Shabu shabu is usually beef and fresh vegetables that you cook in a dashi (fish stock broth). A little warning though, it's deliciously addictive...

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Shabuzen (しゃぶ禅)

Shabuzen has a few branches across Tokyo (Shibuya, Roppongi, etc.). The restaurant has a traditional Japanese feeling, with waitresses in kimonos welcoming the customers.
The shabu shabu all-you-can-eat-course is ¥4,900 (you can also choose a normal course); it normally comprises beef, vegetables, appetisers and noodles.

Shabusen (しゃぶせん)

"Shabusen", not to be confused with "Shabuzen" (above) has 2 stores in Ginza, right next to Ginza station. Lunch starts at ¥1,200 and includes meat, vegetables, rice, and red bean paste porridge. Lunch is incredibly reasonable and the staff are very nice. If it's your first experience, the chef will guide you through it.

Nabezo (鍋ぞう)

Nabezo has 16 branches in Tokyo alone, this super popular restaurant serves all-you-can-eat shabu shabu and sukiyaki. They use top quality beef, and vegetables from Japan, also they don't use and MSG's or additives.
They only serve lunch on the weekend, and it starts at ¥1,380 (it includes meat, vegetables, rice and noodles).
Dinner starts at ¥2,180 (unlike lunch, it includes a dessert).
Both are quite a good deal given they are all-you-can-eat and shabu shabu tend to be pricey elsewhere in Tokyo!

Mo-Mo-Paradise (モーモーパラダイス)

Mo-Mo-Paradise has 17 branches across Tokyo, the main restaurant is in Kabukicho, between Seibu-Shinjuku and Higashi-Shinjuku station.
This restaurant has various seating arrangements, so it is fitted for dates, dinner with colleagues, family outings, etc.
All-you-can-eat starts at ¥4,000. They import top quality meat from the USA, Canada and Spain. And they offer a wide variety of vegetables that they serve to your table on a cart.

On-Yasai (温野菜)

With 88 branches around Tokyo (there are 3 restos in Shinjuku alone), I think it goes without saying this restaurant is a safe bet.
The all-you-can-eat course starts at ¥2,780 and includes fresh Japanese vegetables, etc. (for 120 minutes). For an extra ¥1,500, you can have all-you-can-drink as well.

Shabu Sai (しゃぶ菜)

Shabu Sai is a restaurant where they offer all-you-can-eat Shabu Shabu and Sukiyaki! You can eat fresh vegetables and meat with two different dashi (soup stock). They are really popular for the variety of vegetables and side dishes that they offer. If you are looking for a casual, good but reasonable Shabu Shabu experience, this is where to go!
The all-you-can-eat course is between ¥1,899 and ¥3,399, depending on the day of the week or the plan you choose.

Shabuyo (しゃぶ葉)

You can enjoy all-you-can-eat shabu shabu from 1599 yen (weekends; 1699 yen) for 100 minutes at Shabuyo. The staff brings your meat, but you need to go to the buffet counter to get vegetables. The price gets even cheaper during lunch time, 1199 yen (weekends; 1299 yen) for 80 minutes! It would be the best option for those who are traveling on a budget

Dontei (どん亭)

You can enjoy both shabu shabu and sukiyaki (Japanese hot pot dish which is similar to shabu shabu) at Dontei. It would be a good chance to try out these two popular dishes at the same time. The menu is reasonably priced, starting from 2090yen for 120 minutes.

Rokkasen 六歌仙

They were awarded a certificate of excellence by Trip Advisor three consecutive years.
And they were the best-rated restaurant in Shinjuku, out of 7,490 restaurants that's incredible! They bring you beautiful cuts of meat that you can cook yourself at the table. Some cuts are ¥12,960, so you might be better choosing the course if you don't want to blow your budget.For the dinner course, you can, for example, choose the "Heian course" for ¥7,020/person; it includes yakiniku meat, crab, rice, kimchee, etc.

Retasu (しゃぶしゃぶレタス)

Nakameguro is a fancy neighborhood in Tokyo and has an important concentration of trendy cafes, bars, and restos. This resto is one of them, however, it is surprisingly affordable! The particularity of this resto is the focus on domestically grown vegetables and the fact that everyone gets their own hot pot so they don't have to compromise on the broth. The course starts at 2,800 yen! Delicious and affordable, it's a definite must-go!

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