Updated: March 18, 2019
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Voyagin's Michelin-Star Reservation Service

In terms of Michelin-starred restaurants, Japan is the place to visit, as it is the epicentre of Michelin stars in the world. Here is a guide on which outstanding restaurants to try in Japan and how to make a reservation. Santé!

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Michelin restaurants in Japan

Japan is the country with the most Michelin-star awarded restaurants! In fact, there are 304 in Tokyo, 135 in Kyoto, 117 in Osaka and 21 in Nara! As a base of comparison, Paris, comes in 3rd place, after Tokyo and Kyoto, with 134 stars! If you enjoy fine dining, Japan is the perfect culinary destination.
However, not only is it very hard to get a reservation at a Michelin restaurant as you have to reserve many months in advance, but the language is also a barrier. Many restaurants require Japanese in order to make a reservation.

What is then the best way to secure a reservation?

Michelin-Star Reservation Service

Voyagin offers a reliable and easy reservation system. You can easily select a date and time that is convenient for you. Moreover, you can make a reservation for a relatively large group. This takes away all the hassle in terms of the time it takes to make the reservation and the possible misunderstandings with the staff.
Also, the service offers some etiquette tips prior to visiting the restaurant in order to avoid cultural faux-pas. Some services even offer to pick you up at your hotel.

Sukiyabashi Jiro Ginza Michelin 3-star

"Jiro Dreams of Sushi" was the title of the 2011 popular documentary starring Sukiyabashi Jiro's owner and chef Jiro Ono. Sukiyabashi Jiro has three Michelin stars and is known as possibly the best sushi restaurant in the world which invites the curiosity of many people far and wide.

The menu is determined in the morning each day depending on the fish that Jiro selects. It consists of 20 pieces of sushi that are best eaten as soon as they are placed on the plate in front of you.

Since Jiro doesn't take reservation from overseas, Voyagin's service comes in very handy. You also get an autographed copy of the day's menu by Jiro himself.

Jiro Roppongi Michelin 2-Star

The owner is the very famous sushi master Jiro Ono, and this branch is operated by his son Takashi who has earned the honor of receiving two Michelin stars for his cuisine. You can only have the omakase set here which consists of 20 pieces of sushi. There is no need to dip your pieces into soy sauce as each individual piece is brushed with the perfect amount of sauce before being served. One thing all customers going to this prestigious restaurant should remember is that patrons are expected to focus on eating the sushi and to eat quickly. This is the tradition of Edo-style sushi.

Jiki Miyazawa Michelin 1-Star

Jiki Miyazawa is an incredible kaiseki restaurant in Kyoto. Kaiseki cuisine is a completely unique dining experience that you must try at least once while you're in Japan, especially Kyoto. Kaiseki cuisine is a series of beautifully presented Japanese dishes. Jiki Miyazawa only offers counter seats so it will make for an even more unique dining experience.

Ginza Iwa Michelin 1-Star

Ginza Iwa is a sushi restaurant run by a young chef, Chef Iwa, a former apprentice of Chef Kanesaka who runs a famous Michelin-starred restaurant also located in Ginza.
What sets Ginza Iwa apart is the fact is that they serve high-end sushi at a rather reasonable price. What is more, it is served in a cozy and intimate setting.

Sushi Masuda Michelin 2-Star

Sushi Masuda is another Michelin-starred and popular sushi restaurant in Tokyo. The young chef, Rei Masuda, was trained at Michelin 3-starred restaurant Sukiyabashi Jiro in Ginza mentioned above.

The chef serves incredibly fresh fish which is prepared with the uttermost care. This restaurant is located in chic Omotesando, which is perfect for taking a stroll on a date.


For an unforgettable dining experience, be sure to try one of these exceptional Michelin restaurants in Tokyo and Kyoto.
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