Updated: December 03, 2018
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Ginza Iwa: An Unforgettable Sushi Experience at a 1-Star Michelin Resto


Ginza Iwa is well-established sushi restaurant in the heart of Ginza. Although the chef is young, his many years of experience do not go unnoticed when he prepares the sushi with agile hands. What's more is the sushi is still quite affordable for its quality.

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Ginza Iwa Michelin 1-Star

Ginza Iwa is a sushi restaurant run by a young chef, Chef Iwa, a former apprentice of Chef Kanesaka who runs a famous Michelin-starred restaurant also located in Ginza.
What sets Ginza Iwa apart is the fact that they serve high-end sushi at a rather reasonable price. What is more, it is served in a cozy and intimate setting.


Sushi Iwa in Ginza serves the freshest in-season fish. The fish is prepared with the uttermost care and precision. Many people think that sushi simply consists of cutting raw fish, but the fish is often aged a little bit to ensure the best taste and texture. Also, becoming a sushi chef consists of many many years of long and hard training.
The lunch menu is surprisingly affordable! You can get their speciality sushi lunch set for about ¥3,000- ¥3,500.
There are many lunch sets available for less than ¥3,000 which come with nigiri sushi, soup, side dishes and dessert.
Quite incredible for a Michelin restaurant.
You can enjoy kaiseki cuisine here too. Kaiseki is a succession of beautiful and intricate dishes prepared with as much concern for the beauty of the dish as for the harmony of the ingredients.
There are also many alcohol pairings possible to complement your meal. Of course, there is sake, as well as wine and whisky.


There are very few counter seats at the bar so you will almost feel as though you are having your own private chef. The sushi is amazing and quite affordable for lunch. If you would like to try a Michelin restaurant for a steal, be sure to check out for their lunch sets. Dinner is, of course, amazing too.
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