Updated: December 06, 2018
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5 Excellent Okonomiyaki Restaurants Near Kyoto Station

Kyoto City

These are the best restaurants to have great okonomiyaki within a 10-minute walk from the Kyoto Station.

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Arata is located 4 minutes away from Kyoto station, so it is a good place to stop by right after arrival at Kyoto station or right before leaving Kyoto. However, it is only open during dinner time so be careful with their opening hours! It has a very local atmosphere and is a place that you can easily stop by. They have various types of dishes using tripes, and other pan fried dishes such as yakisoba and okonomiyaki that would go well with a glass of beer.

Yamamoto Mambo

Yamamoto Mambo is a popular restaurant of long standing well-known by the locals. The dough part is very thin at this shop and they give a good amount of noodles to fill you up. The most popular item is the Mambo yaki at ¥1,020.


The popularity of this place is due to the fact that they make some great okonomiyaki with local ingredients (flour, vegetables, etc.). You can also have some sake that is made in Kyoto as well as green tea that is locally produced. They have all-you-can-drink options too. The restaurant has a nice izakaya-style vibe so it's a popular place for "nomikai" (drinking get-togethers).


Chibo is an okonomiyaki restaurant with a couple of locations of locations across Japan. The particularity of their okonomiyaki is that it is really fluffy. They have a good list of drinks you can order too for under ¥500. Chibo is located a just a 3-minute walk from the Kyoto Station.

Kyo Chanaba

Kyo Chabana is interesting because you can have both classic okonomiyaki and new style ones that contain ingredients like avocado and tomatoes. The interior is nice and quaint, with some counter seats and 5 tables for four. The restaurant is particular about its sake and shochu so give those a try if you feel like drinking.

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