Updated: December 11, 2018
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How To Order at a Restaurant in Japanese!

If you're ever caught in a situation where you cannot use English to order, or simply you'd like to immerse yourself in the local language and try ordering in Japanese. Here's your mini guide!

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Walking into a restaurant

It is rather surprising that for such a large metropole so very few people speak English. And this may lead to some uncomfortable situations and some misunderstandings. All that being said, Japanese people are known for being very welcoming and accommodating.

A small effort on your part will not go unnoticed and Japanese people tend to be very appreciative of those willing to try speaking Japanese.

Simple Japanese phrases

You see no English menu and there seems to be no English speaking staff in sight, but you finally muster up the courage to walk in and have a completely Japanese culinary experience. Food always seems to taste better when you have to work for it a little, no?

Check out the phrases below in order to ask for your food in Japanese!

How to order

A lot of restos offer tablets with multi-lingual options.
You: Sumimasen! すみません! (Excuse me!)

You: Chūmon shite mo ii desu ka? 注文してもいいですか? (May I order?)

Waiter: Hai, okimari desuka? はい、お決まりですか? (Have you decided what you'd like?)

You: Hai, magurodon ni shimasu. はい、マグロ丼にします。(I'd like the tuna bowl please.)

Waiter: Kashikomarimashita. かしこまりました。(Very well)

Waiter: Onomimono wa ikaga desu ka? お飲み物は如何ですか? (Would you like anything to drink?)

You: Nihonshu kudasai. 日本酒ください。(Yes, a glass of sake please.)

You: Ijou desu. 以上です。(That is all.)

You did it!

You did! You were able to order your meal in Japanese! Perhaps not seamlessly, but your food is on the table and you're ready to devour that beautiful plate in front of you.

Asking for the bill

-Gouchisousama desu. ごちそうさまです。 (Thank you it was a feast.) It's also a way of thanking the restaurant and getting the waiter's attention letting him know you are done with your meal.

-Okaike moratte ii desu ka? お会計もらっていいですか?(Can I get the bill please).

-Arigatou gozaimashita. ありがとうございました。(Thank you very much!)


Great job. Achievement unlocked!
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