Updated: December 18, 2018
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Things To Do in Kagurazaka!


Here's a guide on how to spend a wonderful day in beautiful Kagurazaka. This area is considered to be a foodie's heaven, both in terms of French cuisine and traditional Japanese cuisine. It also is a beautiful area to wander about in.

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Kagurazaka is a lovely neighbourhood in the outskirts of central Shinjuku. Kagurazaka is a beautiful area and is often nicknamed "Petit Paris" because of its agglomeration of French restaurants. It also called "Little Tokyo" because of the cobblestone roads leading to refurbished Geisha houses turned into sublime traditional Japanese restaurants.

First thing, when you visit beautiful Kagurazaka, make sure to pack an appetite because there's just so much delicious food to try. There are a lot of hidden gems to discover and beautiful areas to walk around in.

Petit Paris

If you want to have a taste of Paris, right in the centre of Tokyo, you need to stop by and wander this area. There is so much delicious food to be had; from Britain crepes to French wine bars.

Below is a list of amazing French restaurants in Kagurazaka. You'll find everything from laid-back bistros to upscale restaurants.

Little Kyoto

Next, in your travel itinerary should be to walk around this beautiful corner lovingly nicknamed 'Little Kyoto.'
You will feel as though you have travelled to another time and place in an instant. The dimly lit streets and cobblestone roads will make you wonder if the streets will really share its mysteries.

What better to honour the streets of Little Kyoto than to have elegant kaiseki cuisine.


This 3-Star Michelin restaurant is run by chef Koji Koizumi, an incredibly skilled and detail-oriented chef. The dishes served are meticulously prepared classic Japanese cuisine. It's the creme de la creme in terms of Japanese elegance and refinement. Given the popularity of this restaurant, a reservation is required.

Kagurazaka Ishikawa

Kagurazaka Ishikawa is another incredible 3-Star Michelin restaurant in Kagurazaka serving kaiseki cuisine. The chef, Hideki Ishikawa, is imaginative and creates seasonal menus which will impress you with their innovativeness. Depending on the availability and freshness of vegetables, Chef Ishikawa will ensure beautiful and delicious dishes.

Other Traditional Japanese Cuisine


Kagurazaka is definitely a foodie's paradise with so many Michelin-starred restaurants agglomerated in one neighbourhood.
Another unavoidable institution is Kyourakutei Soba. You can watch the chef make soba (buckwheat) noodles right before your eyes. The dishes are simple yet mindblowing and sublime. It isn't surprising this restaurant also has a Michelin-star.

-In The Summer -

The Kagurazaka Matsuri - July 25th to 28th



Now is time for DESSERT! Or 別腹 (betsu bara) like the Japanese say, which means a second stomach. Because well, when it comes to dessert you always have space, right!
This beautiful and quaint cafe serves elegant and traditional Japanese sweets with a modern twist. This wooden cafe has a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. You can come to enjoy a nice, well-deserved break with friends while enjoying some exquisite sweets. The matcha fondue is a must-try.

Akagi Shrine

The Akagi Shrine in Kagurazaka was completely renovated in 2018 by famous architect Kuma Kengo. As surprising as it may sound, the Shinto shrine is also home to a cafe and a gallery space. There are also monthly markets held on the site.

Akagi Cafe

Speaking of cafes, here it is!

You can see the shrine from the inside of the cafe, feeling a kind of holy atmosphere.

They offer a variety of desserts menu as well as lunch meals. Their cakes, like the cheesecake and the chocolate cake, are especially popular. You can also try a Japanese famous dessert "anmitsu" that is made of mochi, sweet red bean paste, fruits and ice cream.
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