Updated: January 08, 2019
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Unagi Akasaka Sekine - Michelin-Starred Eel Restaurant In Tokyo


Sekine is arguably one of the best high-end restaurants in Japan to have one of the country's most iconic delicacy, unagi (soft water eel). The restaurant was even awarded a Michelin star for its outstanding cuisine.

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Sekine: A Michelin-Starred Unagi Restaurant

Sekine is the pinnacle of unagi (eel) cuisine and they have the Michelin star to prove it. With only 10 places (one table and a few counter seats) at this extremely sought-after restaurant, making a reservation is a must. Expect to pay around ¥15,000 and over for one of their unagi courses.

Sekine is located about a 5-minute walk from the Akasaka Station or the Roppongi Station.

Unagi at its best

Sekine's unagi is grilled to perfection so that the outer part is nice and crisp while the inner part stays tender, juicy and packed with umami. As for the tare coating, it's a bit spicier than most grilled unagi, with a balance of sweetness and saltiness that's spot on. Many unagi aficionados claim it's the best unagi they've ever had. The unagi at Sekine, unlike most other places, is carefully matured for up to three days before being cooked, which gives it its outstanding taste and texture.
You have the choice of having the eel as an unagi don (large piece over a bed of rice) or as a hitsumabushi, with the unagi that is cut into bite-sized pieces over rice. The hitsumabushi also comes with a broth and different spices so that you can change the taste of your meal while you eat. This is the traditional way to eat unagi in Nagoya.
Another variation that you can have at Sekine is shiroyaki (literally "white grilled") which means that the unagi is grilled without a tare sauce. Some people love this style because the full natural flavour of the eel takes the lead role. Shiroyaki is quite popular at Sekine.

Other Delicacies

As part of the courses, you enjoy not only unagi but also other Japanese delicacies such as suppon soup (turtle soup) or basashi (horse sashimi).
The caviar that is served with the shiroyaki eel is a signature element of Sekine's cuisine.
The restaurant has a fine selection of sakes and other alcohols too. Ask for recommendations and the staff will be glad to help you choose the perfect alcohol to pair with your meal.


Sekine is really an outstanding unagi restaurant but reservations to go there are a must and the prices of the courses are not cheap, to say the least, so here's a link for other great options for exquisite unagi in Tokyo!
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