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Try Toriyasa, A Popular Izakaya In Kawasaki! [PR]


Toriyasa is Located near the Mizonokuchi Station in Kawasaki, just a few stops away from Shibuya Station in Tokyo. it has been one of the popular izakayas for travellers. Their 25-year secret sauce is a special feature!

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Toriyasa is a popular izakaya in the Kawasaki area on the outskirts of Tokyo. In recent years, it has become a new hit with foreign travellers. The nearest station is Mizonokuchi Station and you can easily get there from Shibuya Station (13-minute train ride) in Tokyo.
The warm colours of the store enhance the colour and fragrance of the dishes and the traditional taste of Japan, which is one of the reasons why people go to Torisyasa.

All-you-can-eat and drink meal just ¥4500!

For ¥4,500 you can have an all-you-can-eat and all-you-can-drink course for three hours!

Amazing yakitori with a secret sauce

Watching the boss slowly roasting the Yakitori, the strong scent is extremely tantalizing!

The cook said that mastering the way of grilling is an important key. You can't rush it. Also, consistently using quality ingredients is essential!
The secret sauce in the store is right next to the grilling table!! You must try this delicious sauce (tare). It is used for a variety of foods and for the tare-flavoured yakitori.
Start clockwise at nine o'clock:
Chicken heart skewers, tomato bacon skewers, asparagus bacon skewers, eggplant cheese skewers, chicken skewers, chicken meatball skewers, chicken liver, Chicken leg skewers.
The skill of the restaurant's yakitori cook is really a must to achieve the perfect skewers that are not over-cooked!

Among them, the plum sauce and the secret sauce are particularly delicious.

Other foods

Tsukune Tsukimidon
I am amazed at this chicken meat balls. I highly recommended you to try this dish!
The combination of the raw creamy raw egg yolk, the secret sauce and the chicken balls are just right! And the taste of rice is really great too. Simply delicious!
Tamado Bakudan
This seems fried, but in fact, there are organic eggs and cheese inside!
The outer part is like spring roll skin, so it is very crispy. It has a sweet and spicy taste from the sauce made by the restaurant.
Toriyasa Ramen
This ramen is amazingly delicious! The taste is completely different from the one of general ramen joints.
The restaurant uses a Japanese-style chicken-based white soup broth with, of course, the secret sauce added to it. The soup is packed with savoury umami and has just the right balance of spices.
Pickled Cucumbers
Ideal as appetizers, these refreshing cucumbers have a good sesame oil taste and are a little sweet and spicy too. They make the perfect accompaniment for a beer!
Handmade Dumplings
The fried dumplings are very flavorful! The dumpling, made by the family, are fried on an iron pan. They're both very crisp and chewy! You'll love these!

Own brand goods

Toriyasa Shochu
For its shochu, the store cooperates with a well-known distiller in Kyushu.
The left one is made from barley and the right one is made from sweet potatoes.

In addition to drinking beer, you can taste these two special shochu which are not included in the all-you-can-drink course.

You will love the special taste!
Garlic And Seven Spices Condiment
I had never eaten this kind of seven flavour condiment before.
Sprinkled on the yakitori skewers or on other dishes too, the intensity of the taste can be doubled!
People who like strong tastes must try this! But remember not to add too much because it's a bit addictive!


The restaurant can accommodate large groups, and the seating space is also very spacious and distinctive.
At ¥4,500 for three hours of all-you-can-eat and drink, this is a steal!

If you have friends who like Japanese izakayas, then make sure to visit this place with them! You won't regret it!
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