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re:Dine GINZA, Try Japan's First Shared Kitchen Restaurant! [PR]


re:Dine GINZA is opening on January 17th, 2019. Located near the C8 Exit of Tokyo Metro's Ginza Station. Enjoy innovative, exquisite cuisine made by five different chefs!

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Japan's First Shared Kitchen Restaurant Opens On January 17th

The first of its kind in Japan, re:Dine GINZA is a restaurant that offers a coworking space for professional chefs.

The restaurant can seat a total of 120 people and is equipped with a very large sectionalized kitchen that accommodates five chefs. The idea of the shared kitchen model is to act as a business incubator, allowing chefs to try out different things in a real restaurant setting before actually establishing their restaurant independently.

Stimulating Environment For Chefs

By gathering five different chefs in one space, the place is ideal for the exchange of ideas that brings about culinary innovation. For patrons, having five chefs in one restaurant translates into being able to enjoy many different cuisine styles in one evening!

Vote For Your Favorite Chef

There is a voting system at re:Dine that lets you vote for your favourite chefs and dishes.

Chef rankings are then calculated based on the votes they receive and also in part based on the sales their cuisine generated.

The rankings are established for a fixed period and the chef that reaches number one graduates from re:Dine with the confidence that their cuisine is well appreciated and could possibly be the basis for a successful independent restaurant.

On the other hand, chefs that do not receive many votes and that have a poor ranking are changed periodically as well, hence ensuring that you'll discover new culinary creations every time you go to re:Dine GINZA.

Here Are Some Dishes That Will Be Served From The Opening

Short-Horned Cattle Roast

Short-Horned Cattle Roast and Sausage (¥4,580)
Chef Takayama specializes in modern French cuisine and uses mainly local ingredients from Iwate Prefecture. He's particular about using pasture-raised meats and high-quality dairy products. With a cuisine style that is truly a feast for the senses, the motto of this chef is to "bring people joy through eating".

Tender Beef Tongues Cooked Sous-Vide

Sous-Vide Beef Tongues Grill (¥5,100)
Chef Yamaguchi serves "gyutans", or beef tongues, that are cooked sous-vide for 48 hours! This is an exquisite Japanese delicacy that you must try if you haven't already. Because of the cooking technique used by Chef Yamaguchi, the two thick pieces of gyutan served in this plate are incredibly tender and tasty. Meat dishes are this chef's specialty!

Curry Soup With Seasonal Vegetables

Curry Soup With Seasonal Vegetables (¥1,680)
The curry soup with vegetables by Chef Takashima consists of thick pieces of rare, in-season vegetables that come along with a deeply savoury soup curry. He also serves another variation of curry which is made from pork cartilage (¥2,680). His cuisine is rather on the spicy side and his desire is to make addictively delicious creations.

Chocolate Parfait By coisof

Rich Black Chocolate Parfait (¥1,000 +¥200 with liqueur)
The Insta-famous soft serve ice cream of coisof in Harajuku is making a comeback at re:Dine with this refined black chocolate parfait that comes along with liqueur as an optional topping.

Great Drinks Served At The Counter Too

There is a bar counter section in the restaurant where you can enjoy some fine drinks made by re:DINE's in-house bartender who has the experience of working for famous rock festivals prior to working at re:DINE.

Hand Drip Coffee

Coffee aficionados will be glad to know that re:DINE serves also some outstanding drip coffee made from carefully selected beans. You can choose the beans you want based on your preferences for fragrance and taste.

Innovative Cashless Payment System

re:Dine is also a pioneer in the way you pay your bills. It has its own bill settlement system that you can use along with multiple cashless options (credit card, QR code, cryptocurrency).

Opening On January 17th! Make Your Reservations!

Make your reservations from the link below!

re:Dine GINZA is located near the C8 Exit of Tokyo Metro's Ginza Station.
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