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re:Dine Ginza introduces Bistro Ebisu 336 [PR]


Open in fashionable Ginza on January 17th, re:Dine is a co-working space for chefs. Boasting a capacity of 120 seats and 5 chefs simultaneously, it's like having 5 restaurants in one! In this article, we introduce the French restaurant Ebisu 336 Ginza. Take a look!

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re:Dine Ginza is located only a minute walk away from Ginza Station's C8 exit.
Within its spacious and stylish interior, you can taste dishes of various genres at once, such as modern French, using raw ingredients, or ramen with luxuriously low temperature cooked meat.

From the restaurants that can be enjoyed within re:Dine, we first introduce "336 Ebisu". With an authentic French cuisine lineage, their chef cherishes the umami, texture, and fragrance of ingredients. They are also wine connoisseurs. Check out some of their wonderful dishes!

If you'd like to make a free online reservation at re:Dine GINZA, see the link below.

336 Ebisu: for Wine and Truffles Lovers

The chef Kentaro Taniguchi has an extensive curriculum, having worked at famous restaurants with Michelin stars in France, such as Passage 35.
The bistro offers simple French cuisine, valuing the original flavour, texture, and fragrance of ingredients.

Scallops and Potatoes: the Perfect Hamony

Scallops with potato and caviar for 2,500 yen
In this dish, scallops are marinated lightly to maximize their original umami and sweetness. Accompanied by potatoes cooked in various ways, the textures and flavours combine perfectly. Topped with caviar.

The Original Taste of Meat

Japanese beef with truffle for 4,000 yen
The dish condenses the taste of the lean portion of Japanese beef, combined with the plant seed "Wild Rice" (Makomodake), a mushroom full of umami. Using beef from cattle raised by eating grain, the meat flavour is perfectly preserved.
It is an extravagant dish, topped with largely sliced truffle.

Vote for your favorite restaurant and support the Chef's independence!

Another fun thing about re:Dine is that customers can vote for their favorite restaurants!
If a restaurant maintains its popularity ranking within a certain period of time (according to the number of votes and actual sales) it can receive independent support from re:Dine!

On the other hand, restaurants with poor ranking results - over the period of 3 months - have to leave.
Come taste different restaurants and catch a glimpse of the hot battle between the surviving chefs!

Catch the trend at its earliest!

"Re: Dine GINZA" just opened on January 17, 2019, in Ginza.
On weekdays only, you can enjoy 336 Ebisu's French cuisine.
Waste no time and come catch the trend as soon as possible!

【Store Detail Information】
· Store name: Coworking space for chefs "re:Dine GINZA"
· Address: 4-3-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo - 9F
Tokyo Metro Ginza Station C8 Exit
· Opening hours: dinner from 17: 00-23:00 (last order 22:30)
· Open date: January 17, 2019
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