Updated: January 23, 2019
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re:Dine GINZA in Tokyo introduces BOW

The co-working space re:Dine GINZA just opened on Thursday, January 17, 2019. In this article, we will introduce the French restaurant "BOW". Enjoy selected ingredients from all over the country, such as Shonagawa Wagyu and Miyagi Salmon. Make reservations fast!

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re:Dine GINZA opened on January 17!

re:Dine GINZA is a co-working space that supports the challenge of the next-generation chefs aiming for independence and entrepreneurship. Five chefs work simultaneously, serving their own specialties to up to 120 customers. It is an entertainment-oriented eating and drinking establishment where you can enjoy dishes of various genres such as French, ramen, and curry at the same time.

This time, we will introduce "BOW", a modern French restaurant also showcased at re:Dine GINZA. Take a look at their four-course meal!

Modern French Restaurant "BOW" uses selected local ingredients

Based on the concept of "Play food, Eat happiness!", French restaurant "BOW" offers modern French using the ingredients of Tohoku as the main product.

Using selected products like natural grazing pork and dairy, BOW is committed to sticking to domestic ingredients, making the best use of them.

Appetizer: 38 ℃ Smoked Silver Salmon with Asparagus

Smoked Miyagi Salmon with asparagus and baby leaf salad, 1,680 yen
For the appetizer, BOW brings Silver Salmon from Miyagi prefecture, kept in high quality and high freshness, together with asparagus and baby leaf salad. By smoking at 38 ℃, the salmon acquires a plump, soft texture.

Main: Sautéd fresh fish with a tasty Soba Noodle Risotto

Today's fresh fish sautéd with Miyagi Seri and soba risotto, 2,680 yen
Fresh fish purchased from specialist Kei Omori, in Ishinomaki-shi, Miyagi prefecture. Simply sautéd, along with a new onion puree, white wine, and butter sauce. Served with soba noodles risotto cooked with seri, shiitake mushroom, and soup stocked with oyster and fish oats. Exquisite!

Main: Shorthorn Wagyu Beef with Arima Sansho

Shorthorn Japanese beef loin roasted with red wine from Iwate Prefecture and Arima Sansho sauce, 4,580 yen
Iwate Prefecture's Shorthorn Wagyu is used in this red wine roasted beef dish. To add a little heat, special Arima Sansho sauce from Sanpo Aya, a specialty shop in Arima in Hyogo prefecture.

Dessert: Milk Blancmange with White Chocolate Powder and Strawberry Jam

Milk Blancmange with White Chocolate Powder and Strawberry jam, 800 yen
The blancmange is made with milk and cream from Nasuro Farm's complete natural grazing cows.
The milky desert is balanced with fresh strawberry and jam. The perfect way to finish BOW's tasting.

Your vote decides who will get support!

re:Dine GINZA adopts a "voting system" in which customers can directly support a restaurant's independence. On your way home, you can vote for which restaurant's food you liked best, and the restaurant that wins 1st place in popularity can receive independent support!

On the other hand, restaurants that could not produce results for a certain period of time will be replaced in 3 months.
That creates a fun competition, stimulating chefs to deliver their best creations to please the customers. If you have a favorite restaurant, please vote!

Reservation Reception: Make reservations fast!

If you want to try BOW's modern French cuisine you can easily make reservations on the link below. Come visit!
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