Updated: April 08, 2019
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Meow! 5 Cat Cafes in Shinjuku


Searching for a cat cafe within easy walking distance from Shinjuku? Here are 5 recommendations.

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Cat cafe No. 1 - Cat Cafe Mocha

Cat Cafe Mocha is a bright and comfy cat cafe just 2 minutes walk from JR Shinjuku station (East exit). You can enjoy the large selection of manga while chilling with some very cute cats.
Fee: ¥200 per 10 minutes (maximum charge: ¥2400)
Drink bar: ¥350

Cat Cafe No. 2 - Cat Cafe Calico

More than 50 cats await you at Cat Cafe Calico, a popular cat cafe just a 7 minute walk away from JR Shinjuku station (East exit). In addition to the large number of cats, this cafe also offers standard cafe fare such as cake, pasta, and omrice.

Entrance fee: ¥1000 per hour
One drink: ¥300

Cat Cafe No.3 - Shingeki No Neko

For a smaller, more at home feel, head to Shingeki No Neko, a local cat cafe 9 minutes away from JR shinjuku Station (East exit). There are fewer cats living at this cafe, but the more personal atmosphere is preferred by many customers.

Entrance fee: ¥200 per 10 minutes, ¥1000 per hour, or ¥3000 for the whole day (if that's your thing)
Unlimited drink bar: ¥300

Cat Cafe No. 4 - Coo and Riku's Jungle Cafe

This cafe is connected to a pet shop, and its two floors have fun a jungle theme. It is located about 6 minutes by foot from JR Shinjuku Station (southeast exit) near Shinjuku Gyoen.

Entrance fee: ¥650 for 30 minutes, ¥1,200 per hour, or ¥1,800 for unlimited time.
Drink fee is included in the price, unless you upgrade to the plus package.

"Cat Cafe" No.5 - Cafe Arles

The last entry on this list is not a typical cat cafe, per-se, but rather a cafe that happens to have cats hanging around in the dining room. Never the less, it is definitely worth checking out if you are a cat lover and don't mind a cat sitting across from you at the table.

Visiting a Cat Cafe for the First Time?

What to expect:
Cat cafes generally charge an hourly rate for entrance. Expect to pay around ¥1,000 per hour for most cafes.
Drinks are served at an additional cost. Many cat cafes have self-service drink bars, whiles others are more similar to a traditional cafe.
Most cat cafes have cat food or other treats for sale that you can purchase to entice the cats to give you their attention.

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