Updated: April 08, 2019
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5 Must-Try Foods in Nagoya


Are you travelling to Nagoya? As a tourist destination, there isn't a lot to do in the city. However, it is definitely worth visiting for the rich, tasty, calorie-loaded food specialties. Here is a brief list of dishes that you should try if you are in town.

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Red Miso (Aka Miso)

Miso (salty, fermented paste made from soybeans, rice, and other grains) is ubiquitous in Japanese cuisine. In Tokyo and throughout most of Japan, the lighter white miso is most commonly used in cooking. However, Nagoya is famous for the stronger, richer red miso, which is used in many of Nagoya's signature dishes. If you have the chance to eat a set meal, you should definitely try the staple, miso soup to compare the difference between the miso served in other places in Japan.

Miso Nikomi Udon

Udon (wheat noodles) are an important part of many Japanese dishes. This Nagoya specialty combines thick, chewy, delicious udon noodles with a hearty red miso soup, cooked in the stone pot that it is served to you in. The toppings can vary, but we recommend the egg yolk version (preferably from the famous Nagoya chickens). You will definitely want a glass (or two) of water after enjoying a bowl of this salty, rich soup.
A reccomended place to visit to get a traditional bowl of udon is Yamamotoya (Inside Nagoya station). http://yamamotoya.co.jp/menu/

Miso Katsudon (fried pork cutlet)

Katsudon is extremely popular throughout Japan, but there is something special about Nagoya's red miso version of the dish. The rich and sweet flavor of the red miso combined with the crunch and juiciness of the tonkatsu is a sensual experience. One of the most famous places to get miso katsu is Yabaton (矢場とん). We reccomend you order the cutlet with half miso sauce and half miso tare to experience both flavors.

Ebi Fry (giant fried shrimp)

Gigantic! Shrimp!
Of course you can find fried shrimp in other places throughout Japan, but Nagoya is famous for its many restaurants serving huge, delicious, fried shrimp. Get your phone ready, you're going to want to post a picture of this for sure!
Close to Nagoya station, we reccomend checking out Ebidote for some of the largest fried shrimp you can find anywhere. Get a set, and dip your shrimp in red miso sauce to enjoy another Nagoya specialty while you're at it.

Taiwan Ramen

Wait, isn't this article about food in Nagoya?
Taiwan ramen appeared in the 70's, when the owner of a Misen, a Taiwanese/Chinese restaurant in Nagoya attempted to recreate a spicy Taiwanese noodle dish. The dish quickly spread to other restaurants, and is now extremely popular. Ground pork, chives, green onions, and red chiles combine to create a delightful blast of spice and flavor. If you enjoy spicy cuisine, this ramen dish is a must-try.
We reccomend going to the original restaurant where the trend first started, Misen.:

Ankake Spagetti

Unlike traditional Italian spaghetti dishes, the thick noodles Nagoya's signature spaghetti dish are first pan fried, much like yakisoba. The noodles are then covered with a thick, slightly sweet sauce that incorporates red miso, and are traditionally topped with sausages, onions, and green peppers. Many restaurants also offer the spaghetti topped with the famous Nagoya ebi fry (giant fried shrimp), so this could be a chance to try two Nagoya specialties at once.
If you are looking for ankake spaghetti near Nagoya station, we recommend Speghetti House Chef, a quick 9 minute walk from the station.

Tebasaki (Chicken Wings)

Some of the tastiest chicken wings in Japan are to be found in Nagoya. Fried chicken is extremely popular around Japan, but the popularity of chicken wings started in Nagoya. Sekai no Yama Chan is the most popular restaurant serving tebasaki, and its stores can be found throughout Nagoya and other cities in Japan. Eating the delicious wings with a cold pint of beer is our recommendation.


These are only 5 of the specialties that you should try when you are in Nagoya. There are many more worth checking out, notably hitsumabushi: https://favy-jp.com/topics/667

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