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BLUSTA, All-You-Can-Eat Affordable Yakiniku In Hakodate, Hokkaido! [PR]


BLUSTA offers six all-you-can-eat yakiniku (Japanese barbecue) courses that range in price from ¥2,130 to ¥4,167 (tax not included). They have an exceptional variety of menu items. On top of standard yakiniku meat, you can have some of Hokkaido's iconic foods such as lamb meat and seafood!

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BLUSTA, Mihara Location

BLUSTA is a popular yakiniku (Japanese barbecue) restaurant that has several locations in northern Japan, including this one located in Hakodate, Hokkaido. The prices are affordable and you get to choose many items within their all-you-can-eat courses.
It's the ideal place to enjoy a fun Japanese yakiniku experience. The restaurant is spacious and relaxing with a sleek modern interior. When your meal starts, the staff will bring a charcoal roaster to your table and you can start grilling the food yourself. Yakiniku is not only delicious but also very fun to cook!

Choose Among 115 Items With The Standard Course! (¥2,778 tax not included)

There are six all-you-can-eat courses to choose from that range in price from ¥2,130 to ¥4,167 (tax not included). The higher on the price range you go, the more choices you have, but even if you take the value course you will have up to 70 items to choose from. The standard course that offers 115 items is ¥2,778 (tax not included).

One thing to note is that all courses have a 2-hour time limit.

Some Items To Order

One thing you should definitely order is lamb meat because it's one of Hokkaido's specialties! This plate comes with meat marinated in a soy-based sauce that is also a little fruity. You don't need a dipping sauce for this one, just grill it and enjoy it as is.
If you're unsure as what to get, you won't go wrong with a meat assortment plate. You can either have it seasoned in a soy-based "tare" sauce or have it simply seasoned with salt. Both are really nice so it just depends on your personal tastes. You'll love the deep savoury umami of the meat.
Although yakiniku is mainly known as a "meat-grilling" experience, you can also cook over your charcoal roaster some delicious seafood as well. Simply salted, you'll be surprised by how delicious they are. Seafood is definitely one of the most representative foods of Hokkaido, so eat like a local and don't hesitate to try these!
The cheese dakgalbi is simply irresistible. This food comes from South Korea and is all the rage in Japan right now. It consists of meat with a spicy sauce that you cook in cheese in an aluminum plate. The standard is chicken but you can have it with pork or beef as well. The cheese is mild so it balances out the spiciness of the sauce. You might like this one a bit too much!
Luckily you can eat plenty of vegetables too, if you think you went overboard with the meat, seafood and that cheese-filled dakgalbi. There are plenty of choices, just have what tickles your fancy or an assortment plate if you can't make up your mind. Sprinkle some salt on them or have them with the tare sauce. Both are popular ways of eating grilled vegetables at yakiniku restaurants.
To end your meal, as they do in Japan, you can order some noodle or rice dishes. Try their ramen or Korean bibimbap served in a piping hot bowl.
As for beverages, there is a nice variety of soft drinks, teas and ice coffee. There is also an ice cream bar in the self-serve beverage area.

Add The All-You-Can-Drink Option (¥1,297 tax not included)

For an extra ¥1,297 (tax not included), you can add an all-you-can-drink option to your meal. BLUSTA serves all sorts of Japanese style drinks as well as some nice cold beer, which goes so well with yakiniku!

BLUSTA For A Fun Yakiniku Experience!

This restaurant is really nice for all the variety you can get, the reasonable prices, and its nice relaxing atmosphere. If you're in Hakodate, BLUSTA Mihara branch is definitely worth the visit!
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